Special Committees

Nillumbik Shire Council conducts its business in open and advertised meetings. In addition to Ordinary and Special meetings, Nillumbik has a special committee established under Section 86 of the Local Government Act 1989 – the Future Nillumbik Committee.

All seven Councillors sit on the Committee. The committee agenda is structured on the portfolios assigned to individual Councillors. The Chair of the Committee will rotate with each Councillor to chair the section of the meeting for those items which relate to their portfolio. Want to find out more? Our Frequently Asked Questions may help.

Portfolio Councillor Chair 
 Community Services    Cr Jane Ashton
 Economic Development and Marketing  Cr Karen Egan
 Environment and Sustainability  Cr Grant Brooker
 Finance and Governance   Cr Peter Clarke
 Infrastructure  Cr John Dumaresq
 Social Infrastructure  Cr Bruce Ranken
 Planning  Cr Peter Perkins


 External Committees 

 External Organisation/Group  Councillor representative 
Municipal Association of Victoria 

Cr Peter Perkins
(Cr Jane Ashton alternate)

Yarra Plenty Regional Library Board Cr Peter Clarke
Cr Karen Egan
Metropolitan Waste Management Group Cr Peter Perkins
(Cr John Dumaresq alternate)
Interface Councils Group Cr Peter Clarke
(Cr Karen Egan alternate)
Northern Metro Region Councils Group Cr Peter Clarke
(Cr Karen Egan  alternate)
Metropolitan Transport Forum Cr John Dumaresq 
Nillumbik Tourism Association Cr Karen Egan
Cr Bruce Ranken

Eltham Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cr Peter Clarke
Cr John Dumaresq
Cr Bruce Ranken

Diamond Creek Traders Association Cr Peter Perkins
Hurstbridge Traders Association Cr Karen Egan
Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action Cr Grant Brooker

Advisory Committees 

Advisory Committee

Councillor representative 

Arts Advisory Committee

Cr Karen Egan (Chair)

 Audit Committee Cr Peter Clarke
Cr Bruce Ranken 
 CEO Employment Matters Committee All Councillors 
 Economic Development Advisory Committee Cr Karen Egan (Chair)
Cr Jane Ashton
Cr John Dumaresq 
 Environment Advisory Committee Cr Grant Brooker (Chair)
Cr Jane Ashton 
 Inclusion Advisory Committee Cr Jane Ashton (Chair)
 Living and Learning Advisory Committee Cr Jane Ashton 

Municipal Emergency Management Planning Advisory Committee

Cr Peter Perkins (Chair)
Cr Grant Brooker

Panton Hill Bushland Reserves System User Group

Cr Grant Brooker (Chair)
Cr Jane Ashton

Recreation Trails Advisory Committee

Cr John Dumaresq (Chair)
Cr Karen Egan
Cr Peter Perkins