Filming and media requests in Nillumbik

Media releases

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Filming in Nillumbik

Nillumbik has a reputation as a region of artistic vitality and excellence, where the creative life of the community is highly valued and nurtured. We welcome agencies and companies who want to film our picturesque surrounds. 

By completing the form you agree to the following: to abide by parking restrictions and all local laws, you cannot disrupt or damage the site, as filming is taking place on public land the general public have a right to occupy the space and you will remove any litter.

What you will need

To apply for a filming permit you must upload these document onto the online form.
  • completed filming permit and location agreement
  • full contact details 
  • running sheet
  • details of any pedestrian management, safety or traffic management plans
  • site plans
  • communication (stakeholder notification) plans
  • copy of public liability insurance for the filming activity.

Contact the Communications Unit on 9433 3125 for further information.

Apply online

Complete the online form.