Rate capping

In 2017-18, there is no increase to General Rates and the Municipal Charge per property. Additional revenue from subdivisions and new development in the shire will result in total revenue from General Rates and the Municipal Charge to increase by 0.6 percent compared to the 2016-17 forecast. 

The level of rates has been set with reference to the following objectives:

  • Maintain existing service levels

  • Maintain a surplus result on an accrual basis and on a cash-position basis.

  • Maintain and gradually increase the value and proportion of rates allocated to capital works 

Beyond 2017-18, it is assumed that the legislated rate cap will be 2.25 percent in 2018-19, then 2.5 percent in following years. These estimates are based on the Department of Treasury and Finance estimates of Consumer Price Index. Council is proposing to keep increases in the base level of rates and charges at least 0.25 percent below the legislated rate cap each year. It is also assumed that growth in rateable properties (through subdivisions and new developments) will add a further 0.6 per cent to total rates and charges revenue in each subsequent year. This approach is consistent with the guidance issued by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).