Home Harvest FEASTival - now closed

 **Note that grower registrations for Home Harvest FEASTival have now closed**

The Home Harvest FEASTival is all about celebrating local food and the summer harvest with us.

To join us again next year, there will be the opportunity to register as a grower to supply produce to be turned in to a shared vegetarian meal.

We are introducing a picnic type format for the FEASTival 2018 beginning in the late afternoon. The Feast will include entertainment and music. There will be an opportunity to learn from others and swap gardening tips, tricks and seeds and taste some more unusual foods in beautiful surrounds. So don't miss out next year.

We will have workshops running from February through to April for Harvest Time. Some of the workshops will be about producing condiments and preserves for the Home Harvest FEASTival picnic.

What does it involve?

  • Registrations have closed for 2018 but next year, you just need to register to grow and supply the produce for the Home Harvest FEASTival.
  • Spend the summer growing the produce and in the week leading up to the FEASTival donate some in return for your place at the picnic. 
  • Attend the FEASTival and enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal and great day!

Some great resources to help you grow your own veggies

As a grower you will receive regular newsletters including advice and guidance and will be invited to take part in community events and workshops such as food swaps where you can get to know other growers.

Don’t let the fear of having a bad season in your garden put you off registering as a grower. If, come FEASTival time, you are unable to donate the amount of produce you planned it will be ok and will be balanced out by the generous donations of growers who have a great season.

Volunteer instead

If you end up with no produce or you are not able to register as a grower but would like to help out on the day, why not be a FEASTival volunteer? We need people to help set up and/or assist during the Feast.  If you can spare a few hours we would like to hear from you. Email Environmental.Events@nillumbik.vic.gov.au  and let us know how you'd like to help. 

Home Harvest FEASTival partners

The Home Harvest FEASTival is brought to you by Nillumbik Shire Council, Banyule City Council, Local Food Connect, Edendale, Bulleen Art & Garden, Eltham High School, and Health Ability.