Entertainment and workshops

Main stage entertainment

10am                       TBC

10.40am                  TBC

11am                       Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony

11.30am                  Djirri Djirri Dancers

12pm                       Chocolate Lilies

1.15pm                    Sisters and Misters

1.45pm                    Ruth Hazleton and Bill Jackson

2.30pm                    Anna Cordell

3.45pm                    Elbow Room 

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Activities for kids

11am - 2pm             Wildlife exposure reptiles 

11am - 12.30pm      Meet Edendale animals 

All day         

Pony rides and face painting

Environmental art activities

Trash Puppets

School art project



11am              Plant-Grow-Eat-Repeat. Details

12pm              Backyard chooks for beginners. Details

1pm                Home composting. Details

2pm                Setup and maintain a worm farm. Details

3pm                Organic Gardening for Beginners. Details



11am        Natural Solutions to Low-Tox Living. Details

12pm        Beyond the vertical garden - Hosted by Lloyd Godman. Details                                     

2pm          Designing with indigenous plants. Hosted by Ben Crisfeld-Smith. Details          


Talk details


Tips, tricks and ideas that improve the success of food gardening at home.

Join Ian (Nillumbik Sustainability Officer, formerly of CERES) who’ll lead this knowledge sharing workshop that’ll leave you inspired with plenty of food for thought and action. Bring a notepad, garden sketches and stories of what works for you. You’re welcome to bring some seeds and produce to share along with your favourite resources and references.'' 

Backyard chooks for beginners   

Come along to the Practically Green Festival at Edendale and learn the basics of backyard chicken keeping. The workshop will cover the characteristics of different breeds (in order to make a selection that suits your setting and needs) as well as the housing and care of chickens. This workshop would suit those who are keen to learn the basics. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence to begin keeping chickens and producing their own free-range eggs.

Home composting 

Learn how composting, worm farming and the use of particular plants can naturally improve your soil. Discover how to compost and worm farm effectively for the best results. Understand how recycling your household and garden organic waste (including dog poo!) can benefit the life within your soil.                       

Setup and maintain a worm farm

A worm farm can be one of the best ways to dispose of food scraps and at the same time produce vermi-juice (worm tea) and vermicast (worm castings) for use on the garden. Learn how to set up a worm farm and the easiest methods to manage and care for these most hard-working of creatures. This one-hour workshop will cover both the theory and practice of worm farming in a household setting. It will be useful for those wishing to recycle household food waste in order to produce worm products for use in the improvement of soil in gardens and pot plants. Worm farms will be available for sale on the day.  

Organic Gardening for Beginners 

Want to grow your own healthy vegetables, herbs and fruits but don't know where to start?  Would you like to improve your family's food security and increase your skills and garden productivity?  Then this workshop is for you. Part theory and part hands-on, this workshop will help the beginner organic gardener develop the skills and knowledge to start a thriving vegetable oasis at home.


Workshop details 

Natural Solutions to Low-Tox Living - Lisa Walton

This interactive workshop will offer the opportunity to explore wellbeing solutions for a toxic free home, body and mind. Today our bodies are bombarded with ever-increasing exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins. This workshop will unpack some of the worst offending products commonly found in homes today, and explore desirable alternatives that support a sustainable low-tox lifestyle. 

The aim of making changes isn’t perfection – it’s about doing your best for today, for yourself, for your own budget. 

Beyond the vertical garden - Hosted by Lloyd Godman

From 1983 Lloyd’s photo-based work focused on environmental issues which were exhibited in over 45 solo exhibitions and 300 group exhibitions. However, 1996 saw a significant shift in his work, where he began utilizing living plants as a medium. Through living moving plant covered sculptures, he now explores ways to integrate plants into the built environment in a truly sustainable manner that fly beyond the vertical garden. The work is ground breaking and recently both the Tall Building Urban Habitat Council and The Green Building Council invited him to write a paper for their respective journals on the work.

This quote from John Power - Editor of Facility Management Magazine sums up his work.

"Lloyd Godman is one of a new breed of environmental artists whose work is directly influencing 'green' building design......"Godman's installations are the result of a unique blend of botanical science, environmental awareness and artistic expression. All three elements are intrinsic to the practical realisation of his polymathic vision". 

The workshop will

  • outline how the work evolved from photo-base to working with plants
  • explain the biology of Tillandsias (air plants) that allows them to grow in extreme environments
  • offer real examples the various 700 species of Tillandsia
  • contrast the differences in air plant systems to current vertical gardens
  • give information on how to create a fully sustainable garden that can fly beyond vertical
  • Demonstrate ways to create plant structures that can be moved on a building to mitigate heat

On entry, each of the audience will be give a QR code that relates to a site where Lloyd has Tillandsia plants installed as part of the SWARM project. The person who has the code to the top of Eureka Tower plant installation at level 92, will receive a free Tillandsia. You can check the Tillandsia SWARM project here - http://lloydgodman.net/suspend/swarm/map.html

As part of the festival, a large Tillandsia sculpture will be installed on the grounds of Edendale Community Farm.

Designing with indigenous plants - Ben Crisfeld-Smith  

Ben Crisfield-Smith in a qualified Landscape Architect & Urban Planner and the Director of Crisfield Landscape. As a Landscape Architect, Ben specializes in the design and construction of suburban gardens where indigenous flora and fauna can flourish, and where people can connect meaningfully with their local context.

Ben makes use of the elements of stone, timber, steel and water in his designs and measures his success not only on how his built work looks but how well he is able to connection people to the living garden spaces around them. 

Ben is a collaborator and prides himself on his ability to bring people into the design process. Ben feels that a garden's occupants are a part of the landscape, and working closely with them leads to garden spaces that nurture its occupants in years to come.       

Nillumbik’s Indigenous plants are beautiful and offer the home gardener a wonderful opportunity to connect meaningfully with the local context. By better understanding the Indigenous plants available and how they can be used, you will be equipped to transform your home garden into the beautiful Indigenous landscape you imagine it could be.

The workshop will focus on design strategies and plant choices appropriate to the soil and environmental conditions typically found in Nillumbik, including dry shade and heavy clay. Also covered will be the use of Indigenous plants in combination with natural stone, water, timber, rusted iron and the creation of Indigenous wildflower meadows and lawns.

Following the workshop, you should have a good understanding of how you can combine indigenous plants in your garden to maximum effect.