Burning off

Burning off

Open Air Burning restrictions may vary based on your property

If your property is less than 0.4 hectares (1 acre) you can apply for a permit to burn off from 1 October to the start of the next Fire Danger period only. This is due to smaller properties being in mainly residential areas where smoke can linger and cause issues for neighbouring residents. Residents can put garden clippings, small branches, prunings, leaves, flowers, grass, weeds (including ivy, creepers and vines) into the Green Bin.  

When burning off make sure it is for fuel reduction purposes, that you have adequate water available, check weather conditions prior to lighting a fire, do not leave the fire unattended and take care.

To obtain a permit to burn off contact the Community Safety Department 9433 3111

Always register your burn off with Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority 1800 668 511 

Burning off during the Fire Danger Period

To burn off during the Fire Danger Period you must have a written permit issued by a Fire Prevention Officer of a public authority, the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer or by the CFA District office. A burning off permit (Country Fire Authority Schedule 13 Permit) will only be issued in exceptional circumstances.

To apply for a burning off permit (Country Fire Authority Schedule 13 Permit) during the declared Fire Danger Period, 7 days notice must be given in writing and a property inspection must be undertaken by the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer. Permits will only be issued in exceptional circumstances. Contact Emergency Management 9433 3335 for more information or apply online.

Burning off during the Fire Danger Period without a permit is in breach of the CFA Act Section 37. You could be fined up to $16,900 or go to jail for up to 12 months.

For details see the CFA website  

Download the VicEmergency app

The new VicEmergency app has replaced the FireReady app. It will keep users informed and notified of all warnings and incidents near them or within their designated watch zones.

Those already using FireReady will just need to upgrade their app, which will automatically switch to the new VicEmergency app. Alternatively, users can search for VicEmergency in the App Store or GooglePlay.