Burning off - permits, safety and the Fire Danger Period

Burning off during the fire danger period

The CFA declares the Fire Danger Period for each municipality in the lead up to the fire season. It depends on the amount of rain, grassland curing rate and other local conditions.

The Fire Danger Period differs each year and in some municipalities it can be declared as early as October, and typically remains in place until the fire danger lessens, which could be as late as May. 

The CFA declared that the Fire Danger Period for Nillumbik started on Friday 22 December 2017. Visit the CFA website for more information about the Fire Danger Period.

It is an offence under the CFA Act to burn off during the Fire Danger Period without a written permit. Permits will only be issued when there is an extreme risk to life and property and there are no other ways to remove the risk.

You cannot burn off during the Fire Danger Period under any circumstances unless you have a written permit issued by the CFA District office authority or the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer. 

A burning off permit (Country Fire Authority Schedule 13 Permit) will only be issued under exceptional circumstances. To determine whether you meet this criteria call Council's Emergency Management Unit on 9433 3335.

Burning off during the Fire Danger Period without a permit is in breach of the CFA Act Section 37. You could be fined up to $16,900 or go to jail for up to 12 months. For details visit CFA website

Options instead of burning off

Rather than burning off, smaller amounts of green waste can be disposed of in your green bin which is collected weekly. For larger amounts of green waste use your green waste vouchers at our Recycling & Recovery Centre, 290 Yan Yean Road, Plenty. 

Download the VicEmergency app

The VicEmergency app will keep users informed and notified of all warnings and incidents near them or within their designated watch zones. It replaced the FireReady app in November 2016. FireReady users should update their app to the VicEmergency app. New users can download the app from the Apple App Store for iOS devices, or from the Google Play store for Android devices.

For further information on the VicEmergency app, visit the VicEmergency website