Animals and Local laws

Local Laws

Keeping more than two dogs and two cats

A permit is required from Council to keep more than two dogs or two cats on your property. You must Include a drawing of kennels or enclosures on your property in relation to neighbouring houses and buildings with your application


A person in charge of a dog in a public place must carry a receptacle for the collection and disposal of any excrement deposited by the dog. Anyone asked by a Ranger to demonstrate that they have the ability to clear up after their dog must produce a receptacle

Secure confinement of animals

An owner or occupier of land on which livestock or dogs are kept must ensure that the land is adequately fenced to prevent the escape of livestock or dogs

Control of noisy animals and birds

The occupier of any land where an animal or bird is kept must not allow the animal or bird to make noises or sounds which may unreasonably adversely affect the peace, comfort or convenience of any persons on any other land

Keeping of animals

On any land, a permit is required from Council to keep more than

  • 5 reptiles or rodents
  • 10 large birds
  • 25 small birds or
  • 24 poultry

A person must not keep livestock on residential land or land of an area less than 4,000 square metres

Reminder for owners of livestock

Stock owners are reminded that they are responsible for the damage caused to life and property by their stock. It is an offence to keep livestock on any property that is not properly fenced. Stock owners will be fined up to $500 per animal trespassing or wandering on public roads


Wildlife and emergencies

Injured wildlife should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible or call the wildlife helpline 0477 555 611, 24 hours a day 


If you see a snake near your house, or where there are people and would like it removed, contact the Department of Water, Environment, Land and Planning on 136 186. They can provide you with a list of licensed snake handlers in the Shire.