North East Link Submission

A report on the proposed corridors was considered at Council's 29 August 2017 meeting, with the following resolution being passed: 

  • Based on the information currently available, (Council) has a strong preference for Corridor A, but seeks further investigation of Corridor B. Corridors C and D should be ruled out entirely.  

A submission reviewing the four potential corridors for the North East Link was submitted to the Authority on Monday 18 September 2017 in line with the Council resolution based on the technical information available. 

The submission included consideration of each of the proposed corridors and also included: 

  • a summary of the general themes and questions that have emerged from Council’s community consultation

  • comments on proposed corridors and ancillary projects we believe critical to the success of each corridor; and

  • complementary key transport and infrastructure projects in or near the North East Link study area improving safety and capacity on the existing road and public transport networks or by reducing private vehicle travel.