Our Green Wedge

About the Nillumbik Green Wedge

The Shire of Nillumbik was declared a conservation Shire with the Green Wedge as its strategic focus by the Local Government Review Board in 1994.

The concept of green wedges as rural landscapes and natural areas separating corridors of urban development is a longstanding metropolitan planning commitment underpinned by state government policy. The intention in maintaining green wedges is to retain a viable rural environment for farming, recreation, conservation and natural resources.

The Nillumbik Green Wedge is fundamental to the identity of the Shire and the Council Plan 2009–2013 recognises Council’s responsibility for managing and protecting it.

In this context, the Nillumbik Green Wedge is a resource to be cared for and managed on behalf of the whole metropolitan community because of its environmental, recreational, agricultural, economic and social values.

Green Wedge Management Plan

The Nillumbik Green Wedge Management Plan was adopted by Council in 2010 with the purpose to direct sustainable management of the Green Wedge in relation to all strategic planning and use of the non-urban areas of the Shire.

Extensive background research and many months of community consultation combined to create a vision for the future of the Nillumbik Green Wedge and aims and guiding principles for its management.

See related information for Part 1 and 2 of the plans.