Complaints about building work

 What Councils Building Services investigates 

  • buildings which do not comply with, or are constructed without, the required permits
  • illegal use of a building, for example a property used as a rooming house
  • dangerous buildings or structures including those that are fire damaged or structurally unsound
  • non-compliant swimming pool barriers
  • failure to maintain essential safety measures within a building such as exit doors, fire safety equipment, smoke alarms, exit and fire doors, and
  • demolition of a building without the required permit in place.

For unsafe or dangerous work practices, contact Worksafe Victoria on 9641 1444 or
1800 136 089.

Who investigates a building complaint?

All building related matters that require Councils immediate response (e.g buildings at immediate risk of collapse or immediate danger to life and safety) can be reported by contacting 9433 3111 all other complaints should be lodged by completing the inquiries form below to allow thorough investigation. 

If a private building surveyor issued the building permit for the building project, then the private building surveyor is responsible for the enforcement and compliance of the building work. In this regard any complaints resulting from these types of building work should be referred to the responsible private building surveyor for investigation and appropriate action. If there is an immediate danger to life and safety or another property please contact Council on 9433 3111. 

Outcomes of investigations

If a breach or contravention is found then Council, through the Municipal Building Surveyor, will initiate appropriate action to ensure reasonable level of safety and compliance. The Nillumbik Shire Council is committed to ensuring compliance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act. Therefore certain aspects of the investigation cannot be disclosed without written consent from the owner of the subject property under investigation.  

How to lodge a complaint

Please use the online form below to lodge a complaint with Council. Please provide detailed information about the nature of the complaint to allow a comprehensive and efficient assessment of the issue. 

Lodge Complaint