Pre-application meetings

The benefits of seeking a pre-application meeting

A meeting with a Council planning officer prior to lodgement of an application will assist in resolving the design issues and identify the information to be submitted to facilitate a more expeditious consideration of the application. This service is currently provided free of charge.

Pre-application meetings to discuss and assess a development proposal can provide a number of benefits to both the proponent and Council. These benefits include

  • The proponent receives some general feedback from Council officers on the merits of the proposal, and identification of the key planning considerations
  • Reduction in time delays caused by requests for design amendments and further information requests
  • Improvement in the design quality of applications
  • Reduction in the number of applications refused

How to prepare for and request a pre-application meeting

If you seek a pre-application meeting, you should download the Pre-application Meeting Request Form from Council’s website or contact Council’s Planning Services on 9433 3343 for a copy of the form to be sent to you. The completed pre-application request form must be returned to Council, accompanied with the following material:

  • Sketch or concept plans of the proposal
  • Certificate of Title of the subject property (including any plans, covenant details or Section 173 Agreements)
  • A site or survey plan of the subject property
  • Any other written documents (eg. photographs, arboricultural report) which may be beneficial for Council to review prior to the meeting

Once the completed form and supporting documents are submitted to Council, they will be allocated to an appropriate planning officer. The nominated planning officer will then contact you directly to schedule an on-site meeting at a mutually convenient time. Council officers will endeavour to schedule the meeting within two weeks of lodging your written pre-application meeting request.

Also consult your neighbours during the design process of your proposal

Council also strongly encourages that proponents consider communicating directly with their neighbours. Such communication can enable residents’ input into the design of a proposal prior to an application for a planning permit being made to Council. It can also assist to minimise objections and concerns from residents and may prevent the applicant from being required to make amendments to the proposal later on.

Pre-application meeting

Go to the Pre-application meeting page for a pre-application meeting request form. Please email form and supporting documentation to  


Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO)

It is strongly encouraged that landowners involve the CFA in pre-application meetings for land affected by the BMO. Pre-application meetings involving land affected by the BMO must provide the following information, which will require the engagement of an expert familiar with the BMO requirements

  • A locality and site description
  • A bushfire management statement

Clause 44.06 of the Nillumbik Planning Scheme provides the specific requirements for the above-mentioned information.



This advice is to be used as a general guide only. Council has made all reasonable effort to ensure the information is true and accurate. However, it is recommended that readers seek professional advice before acting or making decisions on the basis of this information. For any questions or clarification, please contact Council’s Planning Services on 9433 3343