4 year old preschool

4 year old preschool (kindergarten) is a one year program for children the year before they start school. It aims to support children's learning and development, social skills, emotional skills, language, literacy and numeracy skills, self-awareness and respect for others, ability to make new friends and exposes them to new ideas and concepts. The preschools are run by a Committee Of Management made up of parent volunteers or by Early Years Managers.

Council centrally manages 4 year old preschool registrations for the 16 Preschools in Nillumbik which operate from council-owned or managed buildings.Council collects applications, registers children in the central registration system, allocates a preschool place and liaises with families in relation to their 4 year old preschool registration.

Some child care centres in Nillumbik offer funded 4 year old preschool programs which are not part of Council's central registration system. Applications must be made directly with the centre.

To help you decide which preschool your child should attend and for more information about how their 4 year old programs are delivered  please contact the preschool directly. View a list and map of Nillumbik preschools.  

For Nillumbik central registration enquiries contact Council at preschool@nillumbik.vic.gov.au or on 9433 3161.