Intergenerational Digital Storytelling

The amazing stories of some of our older residents have been brought to life as part of a unique Intergenerational Storytelling Program.

Council partnered with Humankind Enterprises to run the storytelling program for a second year in 2021. The six-week program aimed to increase social connection between young and older residents.

The program employed young job seekers with older community members, capturing and recording their stories and experiences.  

For more information about this project, please contact the Social Connections Officer at 9433 3111 or email


Read a reflection from Max, a story collector

When I applied for a role as a Story Collector with Council, I didn't really know what to expect.

The concept of an intergenerational program, that aimed to build bridges between young and older generations, was an exciting opportunity, and something I thought I could really learn from.

Throughout the first three weeks of the program, my initial expectations have been surpassed. There is something special about sustaining a connection with six different people that I had not anticipated before I commenced the position. It is what makes the work so rewarding.

I'm fascinated by the stark contrasts, between growing up over half a century ago and my teenage experience.

Having open conversations with all the storytellers, regarding what we do and don't understand about our respective generations, helps me think about what I take for granted, and conversely, what we've lost over time.

I'm content spending the hour listening to stories that take me back into someone else's life.

That experience is powerful enough, but I've also been lucky enough to find friendships that go beyond the defined structure of the program.

We find time before and often after our allotted sessions to just chat, often about how we're pulling ourselves through lockdown, or about a shared interest.

I look forward to Tuesdays, because in a way, it's just like catching up with six different friends, and in the process, learning about their life.

We find ways to stay connected throughout the week and follow on from unfinished discussions.

Photo of an older woman and a younger man on a video conferencing call. They are both smiling.
Patricia and I laughing about the prospect of seeing herself in my writing one day


2020 program

The 2020 program was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Council partnered with Humankind Enterprises to run the Digital Storytelling Program in which five young job seekers were employed to work with 25 older community members, helping them record their stories and experiences.

The six-week program aimed to increase social inclusion for older residents, many of whom have been forced to isolate during the pandemic.

Young people have also been particularly affected with job losses in industries such as hospitality and retail. The young people worked with our older residents one day a week, recording stories over Zoom or phone, while building strong social connections.