Maintenance of Council property

Roads and drainage maintenance

Our Roads and Drainage Maintenance Team undertakes road maintenance such as repairing potholes, footpaths, road sweeping, installing and maintaining street signs, street furniture including bollards. A dedicated inspector identifies defects using the latest GPS technology.

If you notice that repairs are needed, please let us know by completing a Service Request.

Unsealed roads maintenance

Unsealed roads are graded annually, potholes are repaired and table drains are maintained.

Sealed roads

Sealed roads are swept on a six week cycle.

Street signs

Signs are maintained, and damaged or missing signs replaced.

Dead animal collection

We will collect and dispose of dead animals from roads and roadsides.

Drainage systems - roads and easements

The existing drainage infrastructure is maintained by repairs and cleaning.  We inspect roadside drainage pits annually and determine cleaning requirements. Cleaning programs include removing litter, debris, silt and other foreign matter from drains which could cause flooding and potential damage to property or persons.  Easement pits are maintained reactively.

Drainage pit lids

Damaged or missing pit lids are hazardous and are replaced as soon as identified or reported


Private property drainage

Storm water and sewage systems on private property are the responsibility of the landowner. For sewage problems contact Yarra Valley on 13 27 62. For storm water problems contact a plumber.


Emergency After Hours Service

  • 4pm-7am, Monday to Friday
  • 24 hours on weekends

To report flooded roads, blocked drains and storm damaged trees on Council roads, contact the after-hours service 9433 3334


Trees in parks and on roadsides

Please click here to find out about how Council maintains its trees