Citizenship Ceremonies

COVID-19 service disruptions update

Council is pleased to announce that in-person ceremonies will re-commence and the scheduled ceremony for Thursday 16 July will proceed.

Measures will be put in place to help reduce the spread of the virus and non-crucial elements of the ceremony will be removed from the format to reduce the time taken to conduct the ceremony.

Those awaiting citizenship from the cancelled April ceremony will be invited to attend the 16 July ceremony. For those that have not yet been invited to attend a citizenship ceremony as advised by the Department of Home Affairs will be invited to attend the 16 July ceremony.

Invitations will be sent out in the coming weeks.

At this time only the invited citizen conferees should attend the ceremony, family and friends must not attend. Children under 16 years are not required to attend the ceremony to become an Australian citizen as Legal guardians will be able to accept the certificate on behalf of the child.

NOTE: Nillumbik Council is unable to provide you with information relating to your ceremony date.

For further information visit The Department of Home Affairs website.

Citizenship Ceremony Dates for 2020

The below dates and information is subject to social distancing restrictions.

  • Thursday 16 July
  • Thursday 17 September

Citizenship ceremony invitations

The Department of Home Affairs will schedule you to attend one of the upcoming citizenship ceremony usually within six months from the time your citizenship application is approved, although waiting times may vary. You will be invited to attend your ceremony about four weeks before the ceremony.

Attending a citizenship ceremony

Refer to the Department of Home Affairs website for information about attending a citizenship ceremony. You will recieve further information from Council regarding the details of the ceremony and information about the registration process.

Citizenship queries

All queries relating to citizenship including applications, date of your ceremony and wait times should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.