Noise complaints

Council (Environmental Health) may be able to assist residents with a number of problems that have a direct adverse impact on the health of our residents.  Council cannot take action regarding actions that are annoying to neighbours. 

Situations that Environmental Health are commonly involved in are:

  • Offensive odours
  • Smoky wood heaters - excessive smoke for longer than 20 minutes after the fire is started
  • Effluent  from faulty septic systems
  • Noise from building sites (early starts), loud music, air conditioners or pool pumps
  • Pests such as mosquito breeding grounds being created from stagnant swimming pools
  • Tobacco control (sales of cigarettes to minors or smoking in enclosed workplaces)
  • Food premises complaint inspections 

The EPA has published a brochure named 'Annoyed by Noise'.  Please see the attachment below.

Please note that noise from barking dogs is dealt with by the Community Safety Department. If you have a problem regarding a barking dog which you are unable to resolve with your neighbour, contact the Community Safety Department for advice on 9433 3111.

Before lodging a complaint Council recommends contacting your neighbour to discuss your concerns.  In many instances neighbourhood disputes can be amicably resolved without the need to involve Council officers. Formal mediation can also be an effective way to work through conflict resolution. The dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria can assist in resolving noise problems,they can be contacted via telephone on 01800 658 528 or by their website 

If this does not result in a resolution to the issue then consider contacting Council to discuss your issues.

Where noise issues occur outside of normal business hours Council recommends you contact your local police station to lodge your complaints.  The Police are best placed to respond to late night noise complaints or issues where neighbours may be threatening.

Noise occurring from major industries is dealt with by the EPA.  Any queries or complaints relating to this should be directed to the EPA directly on 1300 372 842.

Noise Complaints and Odour Complaints can be lodged with Environmental Health on 9433 3340 or by lodging a request via the health services email.  

Please note that in order for Environmental Health to fully investigate complaints your name and contact details must be provided and the specific address the issue is emanating from.

Environmental Health does not investigate anonymous complaints.

Complaints can be lodged with Environmental Health on 9433 3340 or by lodging a request via the health services email