Roadmap for recovery - Council releases pandemic plan

Published on 31 May 2021


As Victoria faces its latest challenge in the ongoing battle with COVID-19, Nillumbik Shire Council has released a critical new “roadmap” to support the community in its recovery from the pandemic.
The Nillumbik Community Pandemic Recovery Plan 2021-22 was endorsed at last week’s Council meeting, just prior to the Shire going into its fourth lockdown in a bid to contain the latest outbreak of the virus.
The plan outlines Council’s initial response, along with the actions it will take to ensure the Nillumbik community can recover as restrictions continue to evolve and life shifts to a ‘COVID normal’.
The plan is based on four main themes which guide the recovery process:
1. Inclusion
2. Healthy Environments
3. Healthy Behaviours
4. Employment and Education.
The plan’s actions span across several areas of Council, and will be supported by state and federal government initiatives, and those delivered by community organisations and local partners.
While this Plan addresses the short to medium term approach to recovery, Council recognises there will be longer term pandemic impacts and these will be addressed through the Council Plan and Municipal Health & Wellbeing Plan.
Nillumbik Mayor Peter Perkins said Council’s approach throughout the pandemic had been comprehensive and collaborative, and would continue to be so.
 “Throughout the pandemic response phase, Council has worked closely with the federal and state governments, as well as our local partners to deliver the necessary support and services to our community. Collaboration is a key principle of any work we do, and is especially the case for pandemic recovery, Cr Perkins said.
“This approach is reflected in this plan, which highlights Council’s critical role in service delivery and in advocating to other levels of government on behalf of our community.
“It will be a critical roadmap as we, alongside our community, navigate what continues to be a highly volatile and unpredictable environment.”
Cr Perkins acknowledged the resilience and resourcefulness of the Nillumbik community, which has come to the fore on many occasions over the years, whether in the face of fire, flood or now, pandemic.
“Nevertheless, the challenges of the past 18 months have been like nothing we’ve previously experienced and have, not surprisingly, taken their toll.” he said.
“Council recognises that pandemic response, relief and recovery are all dynamic. Therefore, Council is committed to shift and adjust its approach where required, based on local need and the direction of the State Government.”
The plan was largely developed based on the survey results from the Together in Nillumbik survey, conducted last year with healthAbility, an independent, community health organisation.

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