Council elections

Nillumbik Shire Council is divided into seven wards with a Councillor elected to represent each ward. Councillors serve a four year term, and a Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by their peers each year for a one year term. To find out which ward you live in and who your Councillor is, visit My Neighbourhood

2024 Council election

The next election for Nillumbik Shire Council will be held this October.

Election period

During the election period, the Election Period Policy ensures that the election is conducted fairly, equitably and ethically, and that Council business continues throughout the election period in a responsible and transparent manner.

Governance Rule - Election Period Policy(PDF, 819KB)

2020 Council election

Under the laws for council elections, candidates must provide a list of campaign donations (called an ‘election campaign donation return’) to the CEO, and a summary must be published on Council’s website until the roll closes for the next election (30 August 2024).

2020 campaign donation register(DOCX, 42KB)