Local ward meetings

Nillumbik Shire Council is committed to providing an opportunity for members of the community to play an active role in civic matters.

Ward meetings provide an informal setting for residents to discuss issues with Councillors from their local wards and for Councillors to present items relevant to those wards.

Ward meetings do not follow a regular schedule - meetings are arranged at various times throughout the year at the request of the ward Councillor. If there are any ward meetings coming up, they will be listed here.

Meeting procedure

  1. The meeting will commence with the ward Councillor providing an update on key matters for the ward area.
  2. Registered questions and responses will then be read.
  3. If time permits, questions will then be taken from the floor.

Meeting conduct guidelines

It is important that Councillors and residents fully understand the guidelines surrounding Council’s ward meetings:

  • Ward meetings are open to all members of the Nillumbik community however priority for questions will be given to the ward the meeting is held in.
  • All discussions will be conducted in a structured and orderly manner, and be directed through the Chair.
  • Ward meetings do not constitute a formal meeting. No minutes will be taken and no resolutions can or will be passed.
  • Ward meetings do not constitute an Informal Meeting of Councillors unless the majority of Councillors are present.
  • Any individual who wishes to present on a matter before the ward meeting is advised to lodge a Ward Meeting Question Form by 5pm on the Monday prior to the meeting.
  • Questions without notice will also form part of the ward meeting allowing for residents to raise questions on the night of the meeting. However, questions or issues submitted via the Ward Meetings Question Form will be addressed first.
  • Members of the public, Councillors and Council officers who attend the meeting must be courteous and respectful of one another.

If you have any questions please contact Executive Services on 03 9433 3104.