Organisational structure

Chief Executive Officer - Carl Cowie

  • Finance - Vince Lombardi, Executive Manager Finance

  • Governance - Blaga Naumoski, Executive Manager Governance

  • Organisational Performance - Jeremy Livingston, Executive Manager Organisational Performance

  • People, Culture and Innovation - Suzy Ellingsen, Executive Manager People, Culture and Innovation

Business and Strategy - Adrian Cully, Director

  • Business Tourism and Marketing - Kylie Lethbridge, Manager Business Tourism and Marketing

  • Connected Communities - Neil Hordern, Manager Connected Communities

  • Integrated Strategy - Naomi Paton, Manager Integrated Strategy

Services and Planning Directorate - Matt Kelleher, Director

  • Customer Experience - Craig King, Customer Experience Lead

  • Community Safety - Jonathan McNally, Manager Community Safety and Amenity

  • Community Programs - Corrienne Nichols, Manager Community Programs

  • Planning and Health - Renae Ahern, Manager Planning Services

  • Building Services - Mehran Khademollah, Municipal Building Surveyor / Manager Building Services

Sustainability and Place Directorate - Hjalmar Philipp, Director

  • Infrastructure - Mathew Deayton, Manager Infrastructure

  • Environment - Lisa Pittle, Manager Environment

  • Assets and Property - Jonathon Miller, Manager Assets and Property