Asset Protection Permits

If the intended works are considered minor, asset protection may be waived. However, if the following are involved in the works, asset protection MUST be applied for:

  • Use of a concrete truck/pump
  • Use of a crane
  • Excavation
  • Access via a Council reserve
  • Delivery of materials using heavy machinery over 4 tonnes.

When isn’t asset protection needed?

  • Unsealed roads
  • Minor works (not involving any of the above)
  • VicRoads roads (except where there is a footpath, then asset protection needs to be taken out) 

Section 80 notification

Once your building surveyor has received a Section 80 notification, the building permit applicant will receive:

  • An invoice for an Asset Protection Permit. (This can be paid for via the link below)
  • A report to be completed detailing any pre-existing damage to Council assets. 

The asset protection permit fee is a non-refundable administration fee. The standard fee $378.00 and there is no bond required. 

Note: Asset protection documents are automatically generated on receipt of the Section 80 notification from the building surveyor, and sent to the building permit applicant.