Panton Hill Bushland Reserves System User Group Advisory Committee

Purpose and objectives

The Panton Hill Bushland Reserve System (PHBRS) User Group Advisory Committee is a broad-interest advisory group facilitating community engagement including volunteer activities to protect the values of the PHBRS and to help manage user impacts.

The aim of the PHBRS User Group is to encourage an understanding, appreciation, enjoyment and care within the community and the user groups of the significant natural features, biodiversity, social, educational, recreational, and historical values of the Panton Hill Bushland Reserves.

The Committee’s objectives are to:

  • Represent the views and needs of the various PHBRS user groups
  • Facilitate the wider Nillumbik community's enjoyment and experience of the PHBRS
  • Assist in planning community initiatives and activities that promote and protect the natural features, biodiversity, social, educational, recreational, and historical values of the PHBRS
  • Assist in the implementation of initiatives and activities which protect and enhance these values
  • Engage the community in the implementation of these activities
  • Provide relevant advice and feedback to Council in relation to works and other matters as they may arise within the reserves
  • Assist in the development of appropriate policy that supports and facilitates these endeavours
  • Strengthen partnerships with residents, community groups and services about issues and actions surrounding the reserves

Meeting frequency

Committee meetings are held three times a year in February, June and October from 7pm to 9pm at Panton Hill Living and Learning Centre.  

Subcommittees around specific projects may be convened as required and meet on a more frequent basis. 

Broader community involvement will be advertised as required for on-ground activities.

Committee period

The current Committee was appointed for a two-year term.


This Committee is chaired by a Councillor representative who is appointed annually at Councils Extraordinary Meeting held in November. 

The Committee comprises the following representatives endorsed by Council:

  • Cr Karen Egan (Chair)
  • Bob West
  • Cathy Giles
  • Rex Niven
  • Lee Hartman
  • Sue Penrose
  • Lydia Heap
  • Mark Hood
  • Janice Crosswhite


The Agenda for the next Committee meeting is uploaded one week prior to the meeting date.


Minutes from each Committee meeting are confirmed at the next meeting of the Committee.