Lone Pine found following war memorial theft

Published on 01 February 2023

This is a photograph of the Lone Pine in Anzac Memorial Park in Hurstbridge

Hurstbridge’s Lone Pine, stolen on Monday night from Anzac Memorial Park in Main Road, has been recovered.

The tree was yesterday found intact, dumped in a skip bin behind the shops, and has been taken to Edendale Community Environment Farm where nursery staff will assess its health.

Mayor Ben Ramcharan described the theft as a disrespectful act and said measures would be taken to prevent it happening again.

“We, like so many in Hurstbridge and across Nillumbik, are deeply disappointed by this disgraceful behaviour. The Lone Pine is a significant symbol of remembrance and immensely important to our community, particularly veterans and the families of those who have fought in conflicts all around the world.

“The pine is not only a way for us to honour and remember those who have served and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom, it highlights how important it is to strive for peace.

“Anyone who wants to show their support for peace should show respect to our war memorials.”

The Lone Pine was first planted at the Anzac Memorial Park in 2021. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time the Lone Pine has been stolen from the site in Main Road Hurstbridge.

“Once Edendale staff have nursed the pine back to full health, we will make arrangements for the tree to be replanted at Anzac Park,’’ Cr Ramcharan said.

Picture: The Lone Pine in Anzac Memorial Park, Hurstbridge, in 2021.