Diamond Creek Trail - Stage 2

  • Project typeTrail construction
  • Project value$5.1 million
  • Project scheduleExpected completion late 2021
Photo of the trail under construction, surrounded by trees

The Diamond Creek Trail is the most popular shared use trail in the Shire, connecting the two major townships of Eltham and Diamond Creek. The trail is currently 12km in length, running from Diamond Creek to Eltham Lower Park, where a connection to the Main Yarra Trail can be made. 

Council is extending this trail to connect with Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge. The extended shared trail will consist of a concrete path for walking, running and cycling, and a separate natural surface trail for horse riding.

Once completed, the trail will run continuously for 55km from Hurstbridge to the CBD, linking with the Main Yarra Trail at Eltham.

The trail is important as it provides for both recreation and commuter use. The trail currently connects to Eltham and Diamond Creek railway stations; the extension will provide commuters with more options, connecting the trail to Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge railway stations.

Based on the current use of the Diamond Creek Trail, it has been estimated that there is the potential for a total of 350,000 users each year when the trail is extended to Hurstbridge, bringing benefits to the local and wider community.

The trail will follow a creek alignment between Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge (via Wattle Glen). The priority is to create a safe and enjoyable shared trail for all users, including for walking, cycling, running and horse riding. 

Details about how Council came to the preferred alignment being along the creek can be found in the GTA Consultants report 'Trail Alignment Options Assessment'(PDF, 11MB) .

Aligning the extension of the Diamond Creek Trail to the creek has involved the acquisition of approximately 14.4 hectares of private land.

Works will include

  • Stage 1 - construction of 2.5 kilometres of track from Luscombe Drive in Diamond Creek to Wilson Rd in Wattle Glen, including three creek crossings
  • Stage 2 - construction of 3 kilometres of track from Wilson Rd in Wattle Glen to Hurstbridge, including five creek crossings

Funding details  

  • Stage 1 - $4 million through the Victorian Government's VicRoads Towards Zero initiative
  • Stage 2 - $5.1 million through the Victorian Government’s Suburban Parks Program
  • Council has committed $4 million to the entire project so far

Project updates

Stage 1 - Diamond Creek to Wattle Glen (complete)

The trail extension from Diamond Creek to Wattle Glen was completed in February 2021.

Council undertook detailed design work, including flora and fauna, heritage and CFA assessments, and worked with private landowners when acquiring land.

Stage 2 - Wattle Glen to Hurstbridge

April 2021 update

Work on Stage 2 of the trail commenced in March 2021 with completion anticipated later in the year.

Construction works on the first section between Wilson Road and Bridge 4 is in progress.

75% of tree removal is completed in this section.

Stripping top soil and laying fine crushed rock base is completed in the section between Wilson Road Oval and Bridge 4 (approximately 1km).


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