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Council is creating a Green Wedge Conversations program to provide local communities with a forum to discuss resilience, leadership, knowledge transfer and cooperation. Contributing and leading these conversations will be individuals and organisations involved in:

  • land management
  • agriculture
  • nature conservation
  • public land management
  • bushfire mitigation and management

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Nillumbik Planning Scheme Amendment C131

Notice of approval of Amendment C131 was published in the Special Government Gazette on 13 May 2022.

The Amendment amends the schedule to the Green Wedge Zone and schedules 1 to 5 of the Rural Conservation Zone to require a permit trigger for earthworks which involve the receipt, importation, stockpiling or placement of more than 100 cubic metres of fill on land within those specified zones.

The Amendment will assist Nillumbik Shire to manage large earthworks and the placement of fill within the Green Wedge and Rural Conservation Zones (Schedules 1-5) allowing the Council to assess and mitigate the future risks and fill activities which are having significant environmental and amenity impacts in the Shire.

Until the approval of Amendment C131 earthworks were unregulated in areas that are not subject to environmental specific planning controls and have a range of potentially negative environmental, amenity and landscape impacts. Requiring a permit for ‘earthworks’ provides Council with a mechanism to regulate them and to minimise these impacts. 

See the following link to Amendment C131nill ( for further details.

If you are considering earthworks in the Green Wedge, please consult our planning team or arrange for a free pre-application meeting to discuss your plans. 


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