Fast track tree removal and pruning

The fast-track application process can be used to apply for:

  • the removal of one or two trees when no development is proposed
  • the pruning of an unlimited number of trees when no development is proposed

The fast-track application process can not be used where:

  • a miscellaneous consent application is required for vegetation removal pursuant to a Section 173 agreement registered on title
  • for proposals which involve the removal of 3 or more trees, or
  • for proposals where tree removal is directly associated with the development or redevelopment of land that requires a planning permit

In these circumstances, an independent arborist report will be required to be submitted with these planning applications.

The fast-track planning application

By utilising the fast-track application process, there is no additional cost to applicants for this service, as you will not need to supply an independent arborist report with your application.

When lodging an application under this fast-track service, the following must accompany the completed application form:

  • the appropriate fee
  • a recent copy of title, including the relevant plan of subdivision, and a copy of any restrictive covenant or Section 173 agreement which relates to the land
  • three copies of a site plan for tree removal / pruning which must clearly show:
    • the location of (numbered) tree(s) to be removed or pruned
    • the distance of subject trees from a fixed object (eg. house or fence)
    • accurate location of the dwelling, outbuildings and fences in relation to the property boundaries
    • the location and name of the street frontage(s)
    • the approximate location of north and
    • access points, and if access is readily available

The copy of title etc can be obtained by contacting Landata on 8636 2456 or the Landata website.  It is a statutory requirement that Council view the title and any restrictive covenant or Section 173 Agreement, as a permit cannot be issued which contravenes a restriction.

The assessment process

Upon receipt of your application, the documentation will be checked and any more information required will be requested before being assessed by Council’s arborist.

The arborist will then contact you to arrange an inspection of the tree/s. This usually occurs on a Tuesday. Where possible, it is beneficial for the applicant to be present during the inspection.

Council’s arborist will then promptly forward his recommendation to Planning Services to enable a timely determination of your application. A condition of an approval may include a requirement for the replanting of a tree/s to compensate for the approved removal of trees. The decision notice, including an endorsed plan (if applicable) will be posted to you as soon as possible.

Our commitment

As part of this fast-track process, we are committed to processing your application for tree removal and/or tree pruning both promptly and efficiently. This process promises:

  • an on-site consultation and assessment by Council’s qualified arborist as part of the application fee.
  • Faster processing.


This advice is to be used as a general guide only. Council has made all reasonable effort to ensure the information is true and accurate. However, it is recommended that readers seek professional advice before acting or making decisions on the basis of this information. For any questions or clarification, please contact Council’s Planning Services on 9433 3343.