Preparing a landscape plan

Nillumbik Shire Council is committed to protecting and enhancing its significant landscaped urban environments. Given the significant impact of urban development on the landscape character of neighbourhoods within the Shire, Council is committed to achieving a sustainable balance between facilitating appropriate development whilst enhancing vegetated landscapes through the implementation of landscape plans.

Whilst landscape plans may not be required for all planning applications, generally they will be required for proposals concerning new dwellings (including larger scale extensions), medium density housing, new commercial or non-residential buildings (such as medical centres), or applications seeking the extensive removal of trees or vegetation. A landscape plan should be submitted when lodging a planning application for any of the above types of proposals.

Checklist for planning assessment

Your Landscape Plan must include:

  • A Planting Plan (a planting plan is a working drawing indicating the exact location of the proposed plants) which provides the following
    • The drawing to be to a scale of either 1:100 or 1:200
    • North point
    • Property boundary, and any existing external or internal fencing
    • Contours (if relevant)
    • All buildings, structures and existing significant vegetation (trees) to be indicated on the plan (those to be retained and removed) drawn to scale
    • Paving, retaining walls, fence design details and areas of cut and fill
    • Easements and services (if relevant)
    • Proposed vegetation
    • Legend indicating all proposed vegetation and other features
  • A Plant Schedule (a plant schedule is a comprehensive table indicating the proposed vegetation) which provides the following
    • The botanical and common names of species selected
    • Quantity of plantings for each species
    • The height of selected species at planting and maturity (and width at maturity)
    • An appropriate key to cross reference with the Planting Plan

Please note that indigenous plants of Nillumbik should make up the majority of vegetation proposed. The Council publication Live Local Plant Local(PDF, 5MB) should prove useful when developing your plan.


This advice is to be used as a general guide only. Council has made all reasonable effort to ensure the information is true and accurate.  However, it is recommended that readers seek professional advice before acting or making decisions on the basis of this information. For any questions or clarification, please contact Council’s Planning Services on 9433 3343.