Check for a heritage overlay on a property

Before you purchase a property or develop, renovate, demolish (a structure or building) or remove a tree, check if a heritage overlay applies to it. This will help you to understand what can and can’t be done with the property and if you need a planning permit.

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Step 1.Find out if a heritage overlay applies to the property

  • Go to VicPlan
  • Enter address of the property 
  • Create a Planning Property Report
  • Open the report and go to the Planning Overlay section
  • Check the report for Heritage Overlay details

Step 2.Understand the requirements of the heritage overlay

  • Look at the map to find out if areas you will be developing are inside the Heritage Overlay boundaries.
  • On the report, click the schedule number (for example H04).
  • View any special controls for that property, such as restrictions for painting the building, tree lopping or removals, fences, building a pool or if the property is Victoria State Heritage listed.

Note: sometimes the whole property is not subject to the heritage overlay.

Step 3.Read the relevant Statement of Significance

If a heritage overlay applies to your property, it will have a Statement of Significance. It explains what is important to the heritage place and what needs to be done to preserve and enhance it.

To get a copy of your Statement of Significance search by location at Heritage Victoria.

Or you can ask for a copy by calling Strategic Planning on 9433 3111 or emailing

Your planning permit application will need to address the Statement of Significance and any heritage elements that may be affected by your proposal.

Step 4.Talk to a heritage consultant

It can be a good idea to get heritage advice before you start. A consultant can guide the appropriate level of change to a heritage property. They can also help you prepare a heritage impact statement to include in your planning application.

Step 5.Request a free pre-application meeting

If a Heritage Overlay does apply to the property, you will require a planning permit to develop it, undertake works, remove trees, etc. You may need to meet the requirements of other controls. We can help you to make sure that your application is complete and ready for assessment. Book a free meeting with one of our planners to ensure your application:

  • addresses key issues in your proposal
  • has the information required 
  • meets information quality standards.

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