Sugarloaf Link Project information for eligible land owners


Prioritisation and Scoping of Works

The project prioritises deer, fox and weed control works

  • Protecting areas of natural significance 
  • In geographic areas where enough landholders are involved to have a meaningful impact 
  • Works next to Parks Victoria or Melbourne Water land.

Weed Control

The Bend of Islands Land Management Plan (by Dylan Osler and Karen Jolly), details the location of flora, fauna and weeds throughout the Bend of Islands Special Use Zone. This Plan will form the basis for prioritisation of works within the project area. The Management Plan outlines the woody and herbaceous weeds of concern, and the best time of year for control.

This information will be used to target particular properties for engagement, and determine when and where to undertake the works. The Bend of Islands Conservation Association (BICA) will coordinate weed control works with landowners, liaising with the Narrap team and local ecologist Tserin Wright to arrange on-ground works.  

Fox Control

Once a Landowner Agreement has been signed, the fox contractor will liaise directly with landowner to identify locations of foxes, and dens if known.   To reduce fox populations a range of methods including soft jaw traps, opportunistic shooting and den destruction will be undertaken, as agreed to with the landowner.  

Deer Control

Specialised and professional deer control contractors will be employed to survey properties for signs of deer presence - damage to vegetation, wallows, scats, visual sighting and tracks. Contractors will be in contact with interested residents to arrange property visits to gather this information and plan appropriate and safe methods to implement a shoot program, where it is possible. 

Please be aware that these contractors may be out along roadsides in the area during the evenings, using thermal imaging and night vision equipment to identify the animals. 

At all times they will be carrying identification to verify their work for Nillumbik Shire Council.  Victoria Police will also be notified of all dates of planned deer shooting, and will monitor for illegal poaching. 

Landowner Participation

Signed Landholder Agreements will be required by all participating properties. This is to ensure that landholders, Sugarloaf project officers and contractors are all agreed on the scope of and likely timeframes for the works to be undertaken. 

It is important to note that, in some circumstances, a property may not be suitable for project works due to safety, accessibility issues, ability to retrieve the carcass (in the case of deer control), or potential damage to the vegetation. Council and the project partners reserve the right to determine the eligibility for control works on a case by case property basis, based on the Sugarloaf Link and local Management Plan priorities.


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