Nillumbik Environment Charter

We have an enormous responsibility for the protection and enhancement of our local environment and for contributing to environmental solutions. We believe that acknowledging our commitment to the global environment is one of the most important steps to take, developing strategies to create a sustainable and resilient community.

To view the Environment Charter(PDF, 228KB).

In response to the Charter the following documents were produced:

Biodiversity Strategy

Preserving global and local biodiversity is essential to maintaining a healthy natural environment. All ecological habitats are intrinsically linked to each other. The Nillumbik Biodiversity Strategy(PDF, 2MB) provides the strategic direction for biodiversity management across Nillumbik.

Integrated Water Management Strategy

Urban water management and reducing our reliance on mains water supply is increasing important. The Integrated Water Management Strategy(PDF, 6MB) promotes the incorporation of infrastructure that promotes the use and improvement of the Nillumbik’s natural water supplies.

Environment Education Strategy

Empowering the Nillumbik community with information helps us all do our bit to mitigate climate change. Environmental education is a high priority and Council has developed a series of programs to increase environmental and ecological awareness while fostering a strong relationship with the community. To view the Environmental Education Strategy(PDF, 1MB).

Green Wedge Management Plan

The Nillumbik Green Wedge is a special area of land in Victoria. Making sure it is managed properly to address future challenges is paramount. Both biodiversity and landscape value are essential tools in mitigating climate change. To view the Green Wedge Management Plan Volume 1(PDF, 1MB)  and Volume 2.(PDF, 2MB)

Conservation Management Plans (in progress)

These plans will assist Council and the Community to manage and conserve individual Council bushland reserves throughout the Shire, protecting biodiversity and the amenity for all users.