Forged From Fire (Wadambuk - St Andrews)

Forged from fire tree artwork

In the aftermath of the Black Saturday fires Amanda Gibson and her team of seasoned blacksmiths begin forging gum leaves little knowing that 5 years on they will have created a 3 tonne, 9.8 metre tall stainless steel and copper gum tree. With a canopy comprised of over 3500 leaves forged in 20 different countries Amanda would find the Blacksmiths Tree become one of the most challenging public sculptures and memorials to be created in Australia. Forged From Fire tells the touching and intimate story of the women and men who shaped a tree out of their own fires and the traumatised communities that would rally around them.

Forged from Fire tells the story of how an Australian and international community of blacksmiths, welders, artists and volunteers responded to the devastating Black Saturday bush-fires by creating perhaps the most ambitious public artwork and memorial in Australia - a three tonne, 9.8 metre tall stainless steel and copper gum tree – The Blacksmiths Tree. Forged from Fire is a documentary about the personal journeys of these artisans and volunteers and how their creative processes united fire affected individuals and families.

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12:30pm - Forged From Fire

1:45pm - Tea with the Dames


  • Thursday, 28 February 2019 | 12:00 PM


Wadambuk, St Andrews Community Centre, 35 Caledonia Street, St Andrews 3761  View Map

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