Sustainable Home Audit Kits

Council is helping the community to take climate action in a variety of ways.

Sustainable Home Audit Kits are available for residents to borrow for free from the Yarra Plenty Regional Library.

The kits contain an infrared thermal camera, thermometer, water flow measuring cup and energy monitor to assess your home water and energy efficiency.

A suitcase is filled with technical equipment

What's in the kit

  • Infrared camera - the infrared camera can reveal unseen air leaks and insulation issues in your home that can be treated - often DIY - to save energy and money. 
  • Energy meter - use the energy meter to measure your appliances' power consumption, electricity cost and greenhouse gas emissions. It will help you to understand how to save energy by using appliances more efficiently. Turn off items drawing 'standby power' at the wall, and prioritise using more efficient heating, cooling and cooking appliances. Plan to replace inefficient appliances with modern, efficient versions where appropriate.
  • Water flow measuring cup - measure the water flow rate of your taps and showers. Efficient outlets should have a flow rate of less than 9L per minute and may be as low as 2L per minute for hand-washing sinks. If your showerhead flow is more than 9L per minute, you can swap it for a more efficient one through the Showerhead Exchange Program.
  • Thermometer - the magnetic thermometer has a handy scale to help you set your fridge, freezer, heating and cooling to the most efficient temperature.
  • Instructions - the kit comes with a comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions for the equipment and information to help you assess the results and make improvements in your home.

Borrow a Sustainable Home Audit Kit 

The kits are available from Yarra Plenty Regional Library and can be loaned for one week.

Kit with Camera

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Kit without Camera

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If you would like a demonstration of the kit, or have questions about how to use the equipment or interpret the results, you can chat with a member of Council's Sustainability team through the Energy and Sustainable Living Advisory Service.

We welcome feedback on the kits. If the kit helped you, or you have suggestions to improve the kits or instructions, let us know by contacting the Sustainability team. Contact details are listed at the top of this page. 

Make the most of the kit

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