Record your native plant and animal sightings

Nillumbik is home to over 1,000 indigenous native plant species, including 73 listed threatened species; and 340 indigenous native animal species, including 70 listed threatened species.  

Your wildlife sightings help us to better understand where our native plants and animals are now and how this changes over time. 

Become a citizen scientist and get involved with one or more of these online platforms to record your biodiversity observations.

  • VBA Go is a website that links directly to the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas for community members to record and share sightings of Victoria's native species.

  • iNaturalist allows you to record your observations, share with fellow naturalists and together discuss your findings. Every observation can contribute to biodiversity science.

  • Melbourne Water’s Frog Census. Frogs play an important role in the waterway ecosystem and are easily affected by changes to their environment. Get involved in this community frog monitoring program, and collect data to help manage frog populations and raise awareness of waterway health issues.

  • Flora of Victoria's VICFLORA is a comprehensive guide to the wild plants of Victoria. With plant profiles, identification tools and richly illustrated, the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria provides this resource free-of-charge for land managers, scientists, students and anyone with an interest in Victorian plants.

  • The Atlas of Living Australia is an online repository of information about Australian plants, animals, and fungi. 

  • The Fungimap project has an online field guide and the ability for people to attach records