Building Aboriginal Cultural Competency


A full day workshop in Aboriginal cultural understanding, fostering engagement and respect.

The full day program is made for community members who may not have prior training or familiarity with Aboriginal peoples and communities. It offers a practical grasp of Aboriginal culture and practices. This program is ideal for community organisations that recognise the importance of fostering Aboriginal cultural awareness among their members. By participating, community members can forge stronger connections and show increased respect for Aboriginal peoples.

A sample of topics and issues covered in the program include:

  • Cultural competence – meaning and importance.
  • Australian settlement history (setting the scene and the legacy impact of colonisation on attitudes and lifestyle choices).
  • The building blocks of identity (definitions of Aboriginality; Aboriginal family values, land and identity, lore, dreaming and creation; myths of settlement).
  • The building blocks of identity – the Aboriginal community today (saying sorry, terminologies and statistical outline of Australia’s Indigenous population).
  • An introduction to developing personal strategies for working more effectively with Aboriginal people.

Duration: 7 hours including morning and afternoon tea, and lunch breaks.


  • Wednesday, 20 September 2023 | 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM


Edendale Community Environment Farm, 30 Gastons Road, Eltham, 3095, View map

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