Run for the Firies 2021

Four people running in a funraising event

Run for the Firies was formed in 2009 after Black Saturday when the Kangaroo Ground CFA and Research CFA Brigades worked together. A friendship was forged. This was and continues to be an event to bring everyone together and create local and wider community awareness of volunteering with CFA, fire safety and prevention as well as fundraise for the Brigades. 

Run for the Firies is a joint Brigade event - run annually since 2009 (except 2020 due to COVID).

The Kangaroo Ground CFA and Research CFA Brigades are manned solely by volunteers and very proudly provide essential services to the community. Whilst the Brigades normally only get together for operational purposes - this event incorporates both operational and non operational members of both Brigades. We are also fortunate to have committee members who have joined us from Diamond Creek Runners.

This has enhanced our knowledge of and the expectation of - the participants. Run for the Firies attracts lots of community members (participants and spectators) each year, with money raised going toward equipment, building works and vehicles for both brigades. There are some amazing stories from participants about why they choose to enter - be it personal challenge, a special circumstance or because our local firefighters have impacted their life somehow. We also have supported others at our event e.g. the Pat Cronin Foundation and Footscape. We couldn't have this event without our sponsors and this year sincerely thank - Nillumbik Council, Advance Fitness, Bendigo Bank Eltham and Jellis Craig.

The great thing about this event is that we’re not only extending our involvement within our communities but contributing and helping many people across the state. 


  • Sunday, 24 October 2021 | 12:00 AM


This event is virtual and participants can run or walk anywhere and at anytime until the end of October 2021.