Nuisance animals

Barking dogs

If you have a problem regarding a barking dog which you are unable to resolve with your neighbour, contact the Community Safety Department for advice on 9433 3111.

You will be asked to complete a Barking Dog Log Sheet for seven consecutive days. If the complaint can be substantiated, we will send an abatement notice to the owner.  Further monitoring may be required and if the nuisance continues, you will then be required to complete another Barking Dog Log Sheet. The result of this log sheet will determine if court action is necessary.  Ensure the log sheet is completed correctly, as the information supplied would be used as evidence in the event that the matter proceeds to court.

Please note, we have identified an error in the Nillumbik pet owners information leaflet that was sent with pet registration renewal notices regarding barking dogs. The notice says “By law, a barking dog can be a noise nuisance. The owner can be taken to court if they do stop the nuisance.”

The notice should read “By law, a barking dog can be a noise nuisance. The owner can be taken to court if they do nothing to stop the nuisance.”

We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

Wandering dogs

Legally, you are required to securely confine your dog to the property. This means your yard must have a closed gate, and an escape proof fence that your dog can not jump, get under or through. Visitors must also have safe access to your front door, without being stopped by your dog. If your dog can get through your gates or fencing, you can be fined even if the dog doesn't leave your property.

To report a wandering dog or a dog which is not securely confined to the property, contact the Community Safety Department on 9433 3111 during business hours. A Ranger will also attend after hours if the wandering dog has been contained or is aggressive. The on call Ranger can be contacted via paging service on 9433 3334

Nuisance cats

Nillumbik Shire Council has an order under the Domestic Animals Act 1994  which requires cat owners to keep their pets securely confined between the curfew times of 7.30pm and 6am. Owned or un-owned cats found not securely confined during the curfew times or that remain on private property without permission at any time may be trapped in accordance with the Legislation. To report a nuisance cat, contact the Community Safety Department on 9433 3111 for further advice.


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