Nillumbik Digital Agora

Nillumbik Digital Agora Event Program 2019

Victorian artists were invited to propose contemporary light-based artworks/projects responding to the theme stories of place. Sixteen artists were commissioned as part of a program of unique, site-specific installations alongside a major new commission by lead artist, Yandell Walton.

The Nillumbik Digital Agora's program of artworks/projects were showcased in public spaces in each of Nillumbik’s largest townships: Eltham, Diamond Creek, St Andrews, Hurstbridge, at night over the course of September 2019.



  • Herstories

Location: historical lockup (rear Allwood House)

Artist, Rebeccah Power, worked with Nillumbik's local history groups to research women linked to the Eltham Courthouse at the turn of the 20th century. Her research was reinterpreted into watercolour portraits of the historical women. The watercolours were then animated into a projection artwork viewed from within the historical lockup.

  • Hurst's Neon Ghost Cottage

Location: façade of Allwood House studio (rear Allwood House)

Artist, James Price, worked with Hurstbridge and District Historical Society to research varying versions of the 'facts' about the story of Henry Hurst and the bushranger Clusky. The story was interpreted into a large scale animation to re-tell the story by projecting onto the façade of the studio.

  • The Bower

Location: Allwood House gardens facing tennis courts (rear Allwood House)

Artist, Christie Widiarto, worked with the community to create representations of native flowers, birds and insects using luminescent paint. The community's creations were displayed in the garden in the sunken meeting place with a light sculpture and a projection. The artworks explored the bower bird and how birds and insects see the world/light differently to people.

St Andrews

  • Transient Entanglement

Location: St Andrews Hall façade

Yandell Walton's major commissioned artwork explored the temporal nature of our existence as human beings and also the fragility of the natural environment. Created using specialised 3D scanning technology in local sites in Nillumbik, the work simulated a world that is void of human life but depicted waste remanence, highlighting the over consumptive behaviours that contribute to the move into a new epoch known as the Anthropocene. 

  • Breathe

Location: St Andrews Hall decking 

PluginHUMAN places audiences in the centre of an immersive art experience. Their new installation, Breathe, provided an environmental encounter, one that was mediated by digital technology. The light installation responded to minute changes in the surrounding environment. It brought the micro to human scale, providing a new perspective on the life force of trees.

  • Nillumbik Nocturne

Location:  Rockery at St Andrews Hall site  

Artist, Susan Wirth, worked with local environment groups to capture night imagery of natural habitat in the local reserves. The video documentation was interpreted into video projections in the St Andrews Hall environment.


  • Ecology code

Location:  Next to ramp entrance (railway side), Eltham Library

Artist, Jane Crappsley, observed and recorded local soundscapes in the Eltham Library area (people, birds, trains) to explore the tension between nature and human intervention. The sounds were reinterpreted into visualised patterns, signs and symbols that were adapted into an animation projected onto sculptural forms

  • Under Pellucidar

Location: Next to entrance steps, Eltham Library  

Artist, Pie Bolton, created an LED light sculpture under the Eltham Library. The artwork referenced the 1915 fantasy novel series, Pellucidar, by Edgar Rice Burroughs about discovery of a hidden world beneath the earth's core. The artwork considered the rock core of the earth and connection to people and knowledge.

  • Women of Nillumbik

Location: Main Street facing exterior wall, Platform 3095 

Artist, Kiera Brew Kurec, consulted with various groups of local women about their experience of place in Nillumbik. Their stories were reinterpreted into choreographed body actions and movements performed by local women that were captured on video. The video was projected onto the side wall of Platform 3095.

Diamond Creek

  • When we sleep in Nillumbik

Location: 2 Elizabeth St Diamond Creek (and surrounds)

Artist, Freya Pitt, worked with five local artists; Tony Allan, James Barden, Kylie Gentle, Melissa Kent and Evie Rentzis from Araluen's Diamond Creek Centre. The artists used painting and drawing to depict their personal relationships to spaces in Diamond Creek. Pitt then adapted the drawings into an animated projection work.


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The Nillumbik Digital Agora project was proudly supported by the Victorian State Government through Creative Victoria’s Creative Suburbs Program and in partnership with ACMI X and the Centre for Projection Art, Little Projector Company, Allwood Neighbourhood House, Araluen and Yarra Plenty Regional Library