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The Arts & Cultural Plan 2018-2022
Celebrating Nillumbik's HeARTbeat

The Arts and Cultural Plan 2018-2022(PDF, 28MB) was adopted by Council in December 2017 and officially launched in February 2018. This exciting plan invests in:

  • Public and participatory arts to enable the participation of the arts as an every day experience;
  • Supporting professional contemporary practice that builds on the local creative economy and cultural tourism; and
  • Opportunities to access arts and culture through local history and grassroots community arts organisations, with wider benefits of community well being and connectivity.

Community consultation for the Cultural Plan for 2018-2022 was facilitated by creative consultants Evi Van der Niet and David Adams of Little Lightening Stories, through The Travelling Teapot, a unique series of roving creative focus groups. Over a cup of tea participants were invited to share what they value most in Nillumbik and how those values relate to local culture. Conversations covered the opportunities and challenges to arts and culture now and in the future, how to build capacity in the local creative economy, personal experiences of engaged vibrant communities and much more.

Thank you to all participants who attended one of the Travelling Teapot sessions or completed our online survey, your input was instrumental in the development of the Cultural Plan.

The community tea sets used during the focus groups were made by ceramic artists from Living & Learning Nillumbik Clay MakerSpace along with Evi Van der Niet and David Adams. Thank you to the ceramic artists: Melanie Anderson, Julie Barrington, Rae Bateman, Susan Carter-Nash, Carmel Ceglia, Dianne Collins, Ann Curry, Josephine Farrugia, Cathy Filed, Joanne Heriot, Judith Hoffmann, John Maude, Sue McCormick, Sherryl Orchard, Jodie Phelan, Anne Sfetkidis, Chantal Stewart, Lorraine Taylor, Jenny Wegner and Bee Yap. 

Highlights from our Travelling Teapot sessions

Watch the potters creating the Travelling teapot 


Art Collection and Public Art Collection policies

The Art Collection Policy 2019-2022 and Curatorial Guidelines outline the management of the Nillumbik Shire Art Collection and the acquisition of artworks.

The Public Art Policy 2019-2022 and Implementation Guidelines recommend a range of opportunities to activate public spaces by supporting artists to create new works for residents and visitors.

Nillumbik Shire Art Collection Policy 2019-2022(PDF, 366KB)
Shire Art  Collection Curatorial Guidelines 2019-2022(PDF, 854KB)
Nillumbik Shire Public Art Policy 2019-2022(PDF, 244KB)
Nillumbik Shire Public Art Implementation Guidelines 2019-2022(PDF, 580KB)

Literary Nillumbik Anthology of Writing

The Literary Nillumbik Anthologies of Writing are free publications that contain collections of winning stories and poetry from the Alan Marshall Short Story Award and the Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Award. Limited copies of the Anthologies are available online, hard copies are available by contacting artsinfo@nillumbik.vic.gov.au

For more information contact the Coordinator Arts and Cultural Development simon.doyle@nillumbik.vic.gov.au or 9433 3758.