St Andrews Wayfinding Project

Council is inviting the St Andrews community to contribute to a project to install a series of wayfinding elements that encourage pedestrian movement, connect key locations, and introduce some of the great stories behind today’s St Andrews.

The wayfinding elements will incorporate text, imagery and directional information. Once sites have been identified an artist/craftperson will be commissioned to design them in an innovative way that reflects the St Andrews community. We’ll keep interested people involved and informed on this page and at advertised on-site events.

To kick this process off we’re collating a list of favourite St Andrews places and the stories that make those locations special. The focus for the first stage of this project is the strip roughly between the market site and the Community Centre. This project is funded by the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

If you have a favourite St Andrews location you think should be shared with locals and visitors alike we’d love to hear from you. Send your thoughts to or via the form below.

Click here to let us know about a favourite St Andrews location

St Andrews map w grid.JPG

Some St Andrews locations and the stories behind them

St Andrews School House [map reference I2]

Now incorporated into the Community Centre, the original St Andrews schoolhouse was built in 1875 in Smiths Gully, but was relocated in 1882, hauled along Caledonia St by bullock to the current location.