Bushfire Mitigation Strategy


The strategy helps support Council’s commitment to adopt a best practice approach to emergency and bushfire management. Significant public consultation has seen the establishment of four strategy priorities and four operating principles.

Strategic Priorities Operating Principles
Reduce the number and impact of bushfire incidents
Protection of human life
Creating a community focused approach to bushfire
Balancing bushfire risk mitigation with environemtn protection 
Creating a coordinated approach between key agencies and the communities of Nillumbik
Shared responsibility, shared obligation and strong community connection
Ensuring strong advocacy
Reducing, managing and modifying fuels

The strategy guides the next steps in minimising the threat and impacts of bushfire in an area with significant bushfire history. It aims to achieve consistent and effective bushfire risk mitigation planning and practices through community engagement and a commitment to agency collaboration.

This includes knowledge-sharing, and an increase in proactive bushfire related learning and behaviour change.

The strategy will emphasise that bushfire mitigation is a shared responsibility and shared obligation between Council, the community, businesses, agencies, nongovernment organisations, and other levels of government.

The strategy and its supporting actions are based upon a common understanding of bushfire risk across the landscape and determine appropriate management strategies and actions to reduce the risk.