Bushfire Mitigation Works Program


Council’s Bushfire Mitigation (Fire Prevention) Works Program(PDF, 78KB) is reviewed and developed each year in consultation with the Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee which includes experts from the CFA, local brigades, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Parks Victoria and others.

The program includes:

  • fuel reduction, brush cutting and mowing across 82 parks, bushland reserves and open spaces
  • 410 kilometres of roadside mowing
  • 250 kilometres of box clearance (removal of vegetation around the required clear zone of the road)
  • assessment of tree hazards along 91 kilometres of road and resulting pruning and removal
  • ongoing maintenance to roadside trees affected by the 2009 bushfires
  • planned burns across 24 sites
  • fire track maintenance
  • water tank maintenance
  • clearing vegetation from around electric lines

The program is reviewed and continually evolves as we learn more about fire science and behaviour, and as the landscape changes. We aim to get the best value for money for the community while reducing fire risk where possible and this means the works program may change annually as new roads are included and others are removed. However, when conditions are Severe, Extreme and Code Red, vegetation management only plays a very small part in stopping the spread of a fire.

Each year, the majority of works are scheduled to be completed by 1 December, which balances the potential start of the Fire Danger Period, the need to pre-book contractors, beginning of summer weather patterns and the Christmas holiday period. This target can alter by a couple of weeks due to inclement weather, a longer growing season and site accessibility.

We work with our contractors to schedule works as late as possible to maximise benefit and value, for example, we want grass to be cured before we cut so we only have to do it once, but need to start early enough so that works are completed ahead of the peak fire season. Peak fire season is dependent on summer weather patterns, but is often around January. 

If you are concerned about the fire risk in a specific area, please contact us on 9433 3111 to discuss your concerns and a Fire Prevention Officer will undertake an inspection.