Council's role in an emergency

Before an emergency

We work with other councils, emergency services and a range of government and non government agencies to prepare for emergencies. These agencies form the Municipal Emergency Management Committee and are responsible for developing the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (see document link below).

Council only manages a small percentage of land in Nillumbik, but we produce an annual Bushfire Mitigation Works Program. Work done on roadsides will not ensure that those roads are safe to travel on immediately before, during or immediately after a fire has passed through.

During an emergency

When an emergency occurs, Council responds in a number of ways. We provide additional resources to responding agencies, open, and operate, an Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) and Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC).

Council staff are trained to perform emergency management support roles when operating a Emergency Relief Centre and act as a liaison officer at incident control centres.

After an emergency

If people are displaced from their homes or in need of assistance Council will open an emergency relief centre (ERC). Council will set up and operate the centre to provide for people’s immediate needs.

Various agencies will work in the Emergency Relief Centre to provide services such as food, temporary accommodation, personal support and financial assistance.

Council will work with the community to provide assistance and help to recover from an emergency.

Volunteering in an emergency

If you are interested in volunteering before, during or after an emergency please contact Volunteering Victoria