Local Laws

Local Laws help protect the amenity of the Green Wedge. The Local Laws are listed below and details are in the Amenity Local Law document(PDF, 616KB).

Burning off

See details on the burning off page


An owner or occupier of land must not allow any incinerator on the land to be lit or remain alight.


Motorised toy vehicles

Any person using a motorised toy vehicle on private land that exceeds two hectares and has a dwelling/residence, is exempt from requiring a permit.

  • The vehicle can only be used between the hours of 7am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am and 8pm weekends.
  • No more than two motorised toy vehicles can be used at any one time without a permit.
  • The use of any motorised toy vehicle must not create any dust which detrimentally affects neighbouring properties.
  • The vehicle/s must not be used on any of the following days:
    • Total Fire Ban
    • Severe, Extreme and Code Red Days
    • Smog alert days
    • Good Friday
    • Christmas Day
    • New Years Day.

Advertising vehicles for sale

Vehicles advertised for sale cannot be parked on nature strips, roads or Council reserves.

Municipal Laws Officers conduct regular patrols and issue fines of $200 for vehicles parked for the purposes of advertising, under Local Law provisions.


See the parking permits page

Or see the parking page for information on spaces and restrictions.

Abandoned or derelict vehicles

A person must not leave an unregistered vehicle or abandon a vehicle on any road or parking area under the control of the Council or on Council land.

Vehicles found in this condition can be impounded and sold by Council.

Contacting the owner

Council will make a reasonable attempt to contact the registered owner to request the vehicle be removed.

If the vehicle is unregistered, enquiries will be made as to ownership, in the immediate neighbourhood.

The time allowed for removal will be based on the circumstances. If any danger or obstruction might result, immediate removal is required.

Removal and impounding

Where an owner cannot be identified or contacted, or fails to obey a direction to remove the vehicle from a public road, the vehicle (including goods and chattels in or on the vehicle) will be removed and impounded.

The owner, if known, will be contacted within four days and advised of the rights and procedures for release of impounded items.


If a vehicle remains unclaimed for 14 days the Council will proceed to sell it via a tender process, give it away or otherwise dispose of the vehicle.

  • Inspection of these vehicles can be arranged by appointment between 9am -11am Monday to Friday. Contact Council’s Community Safety Department on 9433 3111.

  • All vehicles currently impounded are available for tender. 
  • Tenders, on an approved form, must be placed in the Tender Box located at the Nillumbik Shire Offices, Civic Drive, Greensborough
  • If you are the successful tenderer, the vehicle must be removed from Council's pound facility within five (5) days of the tender being accepted.
  • All vehicles are sold without any guarantee or warranty.

Footpath trading

Businesses require a permit to place merchandise, signage (including A-frame signs) or eating facilities (including tables and chairs) on Council land.

Please contact the Planning Unit on 9433 3343 to ensure you comply with existing permits.


Living in a caravan is not permitted in this municipality unless it is in a registered camping area.

Residents who are building on a vacant block may apply for a permit to live in a caravan for up to six months while building works are being undertaken. There are also conditions under Environmental Health that must also be complied with in relation to waste water disposal. Contact Council's Environmental Health officer for further information. 

A caravan may be parked on a residential street, provided that the caravan is parked legally and properly registered. The caravan must be no more than 7.5m in total length, and no more than 4.5 tonne.

Domestic rubbish bins

Rubbish bins must be brought onto your property within 24 hours of collection. Fines may be issued for bins which are repeatedly left out. For collection days search your address on the My neighbourhood page.

Overhanging tree branches

Shrubs and trees from private property are the responsibility of the property owner. Any branches that protrude from your property over footpaths and walkways must be trimmed.

If your property is at an intersection, check that vegetation is not a danger to traffic or obscure the view of drivers.

Prohibition of fireworks

The Prohibition of Fireworks Local Law applies to all properties outside the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and prohibits the display of fireworks from any private property outside the UGB at any time. This law also applies to all land within the townships of St Andrews and Panton Hill.

It will not affect popular public fireworks displays in urban areas such as those at the Diamond Creek Town Fair or Eltham Festival.

To view the Prohibition of Fireworks Local Law press here(PDF, 332KB) .

Temporary and Community Events Signage Policy

Nillumbik Shire Council adopted a Temporary and Community Events Signage Policy on 15 September 2020, which creates a framework for local community and not-for profit groups to advertise upcoming events. The policy also incorporates emergency management, banner, real estate and a-frame signage requirements. This policy creates a clear, consistent and transparent framework to guide the approval process for the use of flags, banners, real estate and temporary signage to ensure appropriate use across the municipality.

The policy increases the amount of locations that event signs can be placed, as well as introducing 'What's on' Signage, which will add an additional 5 locations that upcoming events can be advertised using core-flutes and banners.

To view the Temporary and Community Events Signage Policy press here(PDF, 759KB) .