Permits are required to conduct certain activities within the Shire of Nillumbik.

Select the appropriate permit or application from the list below. Conditions need to be met in accordance with relevant legislation are included in the applications.

A-Frame, Goods, Tables and Chairs

Amenity Local Law 21B permit application form roadside vegetation removal(PDF, 232KB)

Amenity Local Law Administrative Policy Guidelines(PDF, 751KB)

Amenity Local Law 

Parking permits apply online

Builder parking permit application (PDF, 354KB)

Busking(PDF, 186KB)

Application for registration of Domestic Animal Business(PDF, 60KB)

Infrastructure Assets Local Law(PDF, 468KB)

Application for a permit to occupy a caravan on private land(PDF, 183KB)

Meeting Procedure Local Law(PDF, 228KB)

Application for a permit to keep livestock(PDF, 269KB)

 Application for a permit to keep more than two cats(PDF, 278KB)

Application for a permit to keep more than two dogs(PDF, 276KB)

Application for a Permit to use a Motorised Toy Vehicle on Private Land(DOCX, 245KB)

Application for skip permit(PDF, 163KB)

Permit application to conduct a street stall / fundraising collection(PDF, 176KB)