Valuations for rates


Each year, the Valuer-General Victoria provides Nillumbik Shire Council with a valuation of your property. This valuation is used by Council to calculate your rates.

There are three valuations shown on your rate notice:

  • Site Value (SV): the value of your land only, without improvements (such as buildings)
  • Capital Improved Value (CIV): the assessed market value of your property including both land (SV) and all improvements (such as buildings)
  • Net Annual Value (NAV): a minimum of 5 per cent of CIV (higher for some non-residential properties).

Nillumbik Council uses your property's CIV to calculate your rates.

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Objecting to a valuation

If you disagree with the value of your property as shown on your rate notice, contact us to:

  • get a clearer understanding of your valuation 
  • find out how to lodge a formal objection

You must lodge an objection within 2 months of the issue date of your annual rate notice.

Even if you object to a valuation, you must still pay your rates by the due date.

More information

For more information about objecting to a valuation, contact:

Rates and Valuations
Phone: 9433 3285

Supplementary valuations

In certain circumstances, valuations are conducted between annual valuations.

These are known as supplementary valuations. A supplementary valuation is required when a property is:

  • physically changed, for example, when buildings are altered, erected or demolished
  • amalgamated
  • subdivided
  • rezoned, or
  • portions are sold off.

If a supplementary valuation is done on your property and the property value changes, Council will send you a notice about amended rates and valuations.