Be Kind in our Shire



There have been many acts of kindness twinkling all around, now it’s time for #bekindnillumbik to really shine.

To help you light up someone’s day, we have a #bekindnillumbik Random Act of Christmas Kindness  postcard with the following message:

Write your message of kindness here and share some Nillumbik festive cheer!’


bekindfront.JPG  bekindback.JPG


We hope that one of the following things happens to you:

  • That you get a #bekindnillumbik Random Act of Christmas Kindness postcard,
    write a message of kindness and give it to someone you know!
  • You receive a #bekindnillumbik Random Act of Christmas Kindness postcard
    because someone wants to spread kindness and make your day!

#BeKindNillumbik Community Stories

Submit your story

Thank you residents, businesses and community groups who have played such an important role during COVID-19. Each of you have been doing your part in keeping us all safe.

As part of the #bekindnillumbik program, Council has been inundated with acts of kindness and care for fellow residents in the community. It has shown the strength of the community and the genuine care shown to neighbours and people in need. Now is your chance to share a local story that put a smile on your face over the last few months!

Submit your photo and a short description explaining an act of kindness you have seen or have been involved with in our Shire by Sunday 10 January 2020.

To show our appreciation, Council will be giving away five, $50 local business vouchers, to a random selection of respondents. These will be announced Monday 11 January 2021.