National Volunteer Week 2020


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Nillumbik Shire Council will highlight the important work carried out by volunteers during National Volunteer Week (May 18-24).
The efforts of volunteers have come to the fore in what has been a tumultuous year during which the local and broader community has had to contend with bushfires and a global health pandemic.

The Nillumbik community has a rich legacy of volunteerism and it’s been heartening to see the extraordinary surge in volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic, both formal and informal. So many in our community have reached out to help others while taking care to stay safe.

 To mark National Volunteer Week, Council has announced two exciting new initiatives aimed at boosting support to volunteers and to gain an even better understanding of the volunteer experience to help shape Council’s planning.  

  • The launch of the Diamond Valley Community Support Volunteer Resource Hub, a partnership between local libraries, Living & Learning Nillumbik, Hurstbridge Hub and Diamond Valley Community Support; and
  • A comprehensive survey of volunteers with the responses to inform its forward planning.

If you have volunteered in Nillumbik, we would love to hear about your experience at


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Volunteers: Changing lives. Changing Communities

The theme for this year's National Volunteer Week is Changing Lives, Changing Communities. The ways that volunteers change lives, and change our communities for the better are numerous.

Here is one example, a heartfelt thank you from one of our families whose lives have been changed for the better by their In Home Family Mentor, Jenny:


 "When I first heard about a volunteer coming to see me every week, I was a bit sceptical as to how a person I didn’t know was going to help me.

Then I met Jenny.

She was perfect for me, similar age to my mum, spunky, great sense of humour, easy to talk with, likes coffee and park walks too

I’ve been meeting with Jenny mostly every week since September last year and we have already become really close mates. We talk about anything and everything. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company and will no doubt be friends for years to come.

Jenny has become special to me as she partly filled a gap which was my family living overseas in NZ. She helped me through some really tough times and I can’t thank her enough.

What started out as a volunteer and a new mother has blossomed into a forever friendship.

Thank you Jenny for your love and support."


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 [Please note: Image is not of the family from this letter, but a stock photo from our program files]


Thank you to all our volunteers in Nillumbik, and please let us know about your experiences via our Volunteer in Nillumbik Survey.