A-Z recycling guide


If the item you require is not available from this list, please complete the following recycling question form  and we will respond to your enquiry shortly.


Adapters (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Advertising material - yellow recycle binrequest a free no ad material sticker                   

Aerosol cans (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Aerosol cans (full) -  detox your home

Acids and alkalis - detox your home   

Air conditioners - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Aluminium cans - yellow recycle bin

Aluminium foil - yellow recycle bin

Aluminium pots and saucepans (old) - yellow recycle bin  

Animal fur - red landfill bin, compost

Animal faeces/poo - red landfill bin, dog poo compost

Anti-freeze - detox your home   

Antibiotics - return to local pharmacy

Appliances - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Ash (cold) - red landfill bin, compost

Asbestos - other facilities, advice  

Air conditioners (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Audio tapes and reels (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste


Bag ties - red landfill bin

Balloons -  red landfill bin

Bandaids - red landfill bin

Baskets cane (broken) - red landfill bin, hard waste

Baskets (usable) - charity

Batteries (car) - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Batteries (household e.g. AA) - Recycle & Recovery CentreEdendale Farm

Batteries (rechargeable e.g. AA) - Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm

BBQ -  Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste (for gas bottles see other facilities)

Bean bags - charity, red landfill bin

Beer bottle tops (metal) - can be placed loose in the yellow recycle bin  

Bicycles (broken) - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Books - charity, yellow recycle bin

Bones (from food scraps) - green organics bin, compost

Bones (whole animal, not from food scraps) - red landfill bin

Bottles (plastic or glass) - yellow recycle bin

Bottle tops/lids (plastic) - place lid back on empty container after squeezing some air out and put in yellow recycle bin 

Bottle tops (metal) - can be placed loose in the yellow recycle bin

Boxes (cardboard) - yellow recycle bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Boxes (waxed cardboard) - red landfill bin

Branches (small) - green organics bin

Branches (large) - green organics binRecycle & Recovery Centre

Bread bag, plastic - REDcycle

Bread bag clip (plastic) - red landfill bin

Bricks and rubble - other facilities

Bubble wrap  - REDcycle

Building materials - other facilities

Butane cans (from camp stoves) - yellow recycle bin (cans must be empty)


Cake trays (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Candles - red landfill bin, charity

Cans - yellow recycle bin

Car (old) - Car take back Australia

Car batteries - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Car seats (child car seats and boosters) - charity (if less than 8 years old), hard wasteRecycle & Recovery Centre (landfill)

Carcasses (dead pets and animals) - red landfill bin, other facilities

Cardboard - yellow recycle bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cardboard (waxed) - red landfill bin

Carpet scraps - red landfill bin, hard waste

Carpet underlay - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste  

Cartridges (printer) -  Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cat poo and kitty litter - red landfill bin

Cassette tapes - charity or Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cassette tape cases - yellow recycle bin

CDs (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm (small quantities only)

CD cover (hard plastic with paper sleeve removed) - yellow recycle bin

CD/DVD drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Cellophane (from bunches of flowers, cut into A3 size pieces) - REDcycle

Ceramics (broken) - red landfill bin

Ceramics (intact) - charity

Cereal boxes - yellow recycle bin

Cereal box insert - REDcycle

Chemicals - detox your home    

Chewing gum - red landfill bin

Chip packet - REDcycle

Chip packet with silver foil lining - red landfill bin, Edendale Farm reception for recycling through REDcycle

Children's car seat -  hard wasteRecycle & Recovery Centre

China (broken) - red landfill bin

China (intact) - charity

Christmas tree (fake) - red landfill bin, charity

Christmas tree (live) - green organics bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cigarette butts - red landfill bin

Cigarette lighter (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Cigarette packet - red landfill bin

Clean fill - other facilities

Cling wrap -  REDcycle (GLAD brand only), red landfill bin (all other brands)

Clothing and shoes - charity, Recycle & Recovery Centre RecylingNearYou

Coat hangers (metal) - charity, yellow recycle bin

Coat hangers (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Coffee cups (plastic lined paper) - red landfill bin

Coffee cup lid (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Coffee jars - yellow recycle bin, charity

Coffee granules - green organics bin, compost

Coffee pods (plastic) - red landfill bin

Coffee pods (metal) - red landfill bin

Compact discs (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm

Compact disc case (rigid plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Computers (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Compostable cups (PLA plastic) - red landfill bin

Computer parts and peripheries (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Computer mice (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Computer monitors/screens (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Concrete - other facilities

Cooking oil (soaked in paper) - red landfill bin , compost

Cooking oil (poured into a container) - red landfill bin

Cooking oil (small amount) - compost

Cooking oil (large quantities) - other facilitiessearch for local businesses

Corks - red landfill bin, charity

Cosmetic jars (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Cotton - red landfill bin

Cotton wool buds - red landfill bin

Cups and saucers (intact) - charity

Cups and saucers (broken) - red landfill bin

Curtains (reusable) - charity

Curtains - red landfill bin

Cutlery (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Cutlery (metal) - charity, yellow recycle bin


Detergent bottles (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Devices (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Dirt (commercial quantities) - other facilities

Disposable nappies - red landfill bin

Disk drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Dog poo - red landfill bin, dog poo compost

Doona and pillows - red landfill bin, hard waste, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Down lights (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Drink cans - yellow recycle bin

Drinking straws - red landfill bin

Drink bottles (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Dry cleaning bags - REDcycle

Dryer (hair) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Ducted heating units (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Ducting (flexible tubing from ducted heating) -  Recycle & Recovery Centre

Dummies (for babies) - red landfill bin 

DVDs - Edendale FarmRecycle & Recovery Centre , charity

DVD/CD drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste


Electrical appliances (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste, charity (if working)

Electrical cable (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Egg cartons - yellow recycle bin

Enamel pots/bowls - yellow recycle bin

Envelopes - yellow recycle bin

Eye glasses (broken) - red landfill bin

E-waste - e-wasteRecycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste


Fabric - charity, red landfill bin

Fax machines (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Fencing (timber) - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Fencing wire (including electric) - Recycle & Recovery Centre 

Fertiliser bag empty (plastic and woven polypropylene)  - REDcycle

Fibreglass - Recycle & Recovery Centre 

Film negatives - included in the x-ray recycling at Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm

Fire extinguisher - detox your home    

Floppy discs - Edendale Farm or Recycle & Recovery Centre for recycling

Floppy disc drives -  e-wasteRecycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Fluorescent tubes -  Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm

Foam boxes - red landfill bin, other facilities

Foam meat trays - red landfill bin

Foam underlay - Recycle & Recovery Centre, red landfill bin, hard waste

Foil - yellow recycle bin

Foil lined cartons - yellow recycle bin

Food cans - yellow recycle bin

Food pouches, yoghurt and baby food (soft plastic) - red landfill bin

Fruit and vegetable scraps - green organics bin, compost

Fridges - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Fuels - detox your home    

Furniture - charity, hard waste


Garden chemicals - detox your home    

Garden materials - green organics bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Gas bottles (empty BBQ bottles) - other facilities

Glad wrap  - REDcycle

Glass jars/bottles - yellow recycle bin

Glass (window pane) - hard waste

Glass (drinking cups and Pyrex) - red landfill bin (this type for glass is not recycled as it does not melt at the same temperature as bottles and jars)

Glass (other than jars/bottles) - red landfill bin, hard waste

Glass (broken picture frame) - red landfill bin

Gift cards (plastic wallet sized cards) -  yellow recycle bin

Golf balls - charity, red landfill bin

Grass clippings - green organics bin

Greeting cards (used) - yellow recycle bin


Hair pet or human (small quantities) - green organics bin, compost

Hair (large quantities) - red landfill bin

Hard drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Hard plastic - yellow recycle bin  

Hay bale twine (plastic and fabric) - red landfill bin

Headphones (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Helium tanks -  detox your home   

Highlighters and textas - red landfill bin

Hoses - red landfill bin, charity

Hot water bottles - red landfill bin

Hot water systems (broken) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Household chemicals - detox your home    

Hypodermic needles - return sharps container to local pharmacy


Ice cream containers (coated paper or plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Ice cream lids - yellow recycle bin

Icy pole sticks - red landfill bin

Ink cartridge - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Insulation (fibreglass, wool and cellulose) - there are no known local recycling markets.They are accepted at Hanson Wollert Landfill 

Insulation (polystyrene) - Recycle near youRecycle & Recovery Centreother facilities

iPads (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

IT cords and cables (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste


Jars - yellow recycle bin

Jar lids - yellow recycle bin

Juicer (electric) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Juice cartons - yellow recycle bin

Junk mail - yellow recycle bin, request a free no ad material sticker


Keyboards (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Kitchen sponges - red landfill bin

Kitty litter - red landfill bin


Laptops (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Lawnmower - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Leaves - green organics bin

Lids (metal) - can be placed loose in the yellow recycle bin   

Lids (plastic) - place small lids back on empty container after squeezing some air out and put in yellow recycle bin 

Light bulbs and tubes (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm

Linen - charity, red landfill bin

Lolly wrappers (plastic including foil lined plastic) - REDcycle  

Long life milk cartons - yellow recycle bin

Lunch boxes - yellow recycle bin


Magazines - yellow recycle bin

Manure (horse/cow) - compost

Margarine tubs - yellow recycle bin

Match boxes - yellow recycle bin

Mattresses - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Meat scraps - green organics bin

Meat trays (foam) - red landfill bin

Meat trays (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Medicine - return to local pharmacy

Milk bottle (squashed down with lid placed on) -  yellow recycle bin

Milk bottle lids - place lid back on empty container after squeezing some air out and put in yellow recycle bin 

Milk cartons -  yellow recycle bin

Mirror glass (broken) - red landfill bin

Mobile phones (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Modems (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Monitors (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Motor oil - Recycle & Recovery Centre


Nappies (disposable) - red landfill bin

Nappies (compostable) - red landfill bin, compost

Needles (sewing) - red landfill bin

Needles (syringe) - return sharps container to local pharmacy

Netting bag for oranges/onions/garlic - REDcycle

Newspaper - yellow recycle bin

Noxious weeds - green organics bin

Nylon chopping boards - yellow recycle bin


Office paper - yellow recycle bin

Oil (used cooking oil) - See Cooking oil 

Oil (in sealed container) - red landfill bin

Oil (soaked in paper or rag) - red landfill bin

Oil motor - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Orange net bags - REDcycle

Ovens (old) - the metal is recycled through hard waste, or Recycle & Recovery Centre 


Packing tape, plastic - REDcycle

Paint tins (dry) - yellow recycle bin

Paint - other facilities, detox your home   

Paint stripper - detox your home   

Paintings on cardboard - yellow recycle bin

Pallet stretch wrap -  red landfill bin

Paper towel (used) - red landfill bin compost

Paper towel roll - yellow recycle bin

Pens and pencils - red landfill bin

Perfume bottle - red landfill bin

Perspex - charity, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Pet food tins - yellow recycle bin

Pet hair (small quantities) - green organics bin

Petrol - detox your home   

Pharmaceuticals - return to local pharmacy

Phone books - yellow recycle bin

Phone handsets (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Photographs - red landfill bin

Photo negatives - Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm  

Pottery (broken) - red landfill bin

Power supplies (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Picture frames - charity, red landfill bin

Pill packets - red landfill bin

Pillows and doonas - red landfill bin, hard waste, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Pills (medicine) - return to local pharmacy

Pizza boxes (no food inside) - yellow recycle bin

Placemats - charity, red landfill bin

Plant cuttings - green organics bin

Plant pots (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Plant pots (broken ceramic) - red landfill bin

Plastic (all hard plastics) - yellow recycle bin

Plastic, soft/flexible - REDcycle

Plastic air pillow protective packaging - REDcycle

Plastic bags - REDcycle

Plastic bag (single loose bag) - REDcycle

Plastic hay bale twine - red landfill bin

Plastic lids - place small lids back on empty container after squeezing some air out and put in yellow recycle bin   

Plastic packing tape -  red landfill bin

Plastic toys (broken) - yellow recycle bin

Plastic trays/baskets - yellow recycle bin

Plastic wrap - REDcycle

Plastic wrappers - REDcycle

Plaster - Recycle & Recovery Centreother facilities

Plate glass (wrapped) - red landfill bin, hard waste

Plush toys - charity , red landfill bin

Polystyrene - red landfill binRecycle & Recovery Centre (landfill option only), other recycling facilities (for recycling)

Pool acid containers (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Pool acid - detox your home   

Postal bags plastic - REDcycle

Postal bags (padded paper) - yellow recycle bin

Potting mix bags- REDcycle

Power cables (domestic) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Prams - charity (please check first)  St Kilda Mums drop off points

Printer/toner cartridges (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Printers (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Pyrex ovenware (broken) - red landfill bin

Pyrex ovenware (intact) - charity


Quilt covers - Sheridan for recycling, red landfill bin


Records (vinyl) - charity

Reusable green check out bags - REDcycle

Reusable check out bags (fabric) - charity, red landfill bin

Rope - red landfill bin, charity

Rubber - red landfill bin

Rubber gloves - red landfill bin


Sandpaper - red landfill bin

Sanitary items - red landfill bin

Satellite navigation systems (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Screw/nails - yellow recycle bin

Scanners (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Seedling containers - yellow recycle bin

Serviettes (paper) - yellow recycle bin

Serviettes (cloth) - charity, red landfill bin

Shade cloth - charity, red landfill bin

Shampoo bottles - yellow recycle bin

Sheets (old/stained) - Sheridan for recycling, red landfill bin

Shredded paper - compostyellow recycle bin

Shoes - charity, red landfill bin

Silver foil - yellow recycle bin

Smoke alarms - detox your home   

Soft drink bottles - yellow recycle bin

Soft drink cans - yellow recycle bin

Soft toys - charity, red landfill bin

Soft plastic - REDcycle or red landfill bin

Speakers - e-wasteRecycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Spectacles - charity, red landfill bin

Steel cans - yellow recycle bin

Steel - yellow recycle bin

Straws -  red landfill bin

Stickers - red landfill bin

Sticky tape - red landfill bin

Strawberry punnets - yellow recycle bin

Styrofoam - red landfill bin, other facilities

Sweet wrappers - REDcycle

Syringes -  sharps containers can be returned to your local pharmacy


Tablets (electronic) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Tablets (medicine) -  return to local pharmacy

Take away containers (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Tarpaulins - red landfill bin, hard waste, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Tartaric acid (large quantities) -  detox your home

Tea bags - green organics bin, compost

Tea leaves - green organics bin, compost

Telephone books - yellow recycle bin

Tennis balls -  charity

Tennis racquets -  charity

Textas - red landfill bin

Tiles (broken) - red landfill bin

Tin cans - yellow recycle bin

Timber - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Tissues - red landfill bin

Tissue boxes -  yellow recycle bin

Toaster (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Toilet paper rolls - yellow recycle bin

Toner cartridges (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Toothbrushes - red landfill bin, Edendale Farm for recycling, Terracycle

Toothbrushes (electric) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm

Toothpaste tubes - red landfill binEdendale Farm for recycling, Terracycle

Toys - charity, red landfill bin

Toys (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Towels (old/stained) - Sheridan for recycling, red landfill bin

Tree prunings - green organics bin

Tree/plant protector guards - red landfill bin

Twine (jute, cotton, fibre) - red landfill bin

Twine (plastic) - red landfill bin

TV (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste



Vacuum cleaner (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wastecharity (if operational)

Vacuum cleaner dust bags - red landfill bin, compost

Vegetable scraps - green organics bin, compost

Video tapes (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Vinyl records - charity


Waxed cardboard - red landfill bin

Waxed paper - red landfill bin

Weeds - green organics bin

Wet wipes - red landfill bin

Windows (broken and wrapped in paper) - hard waste, red landfill bin

Window panes - charity, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Wine bladder (clear plastic) - REDcycle

Wine bladder (foil-based) - red landfill bin

Wine bottles - yellow recycle bin

Wine bottle screw tops - yellow recycle bin

Wine cask bag (foil based) - red landfill bin

Wine cask bag (clear plastic) - REDcycle

Wood (treated pine) - small quantities Recycle & Recovery Centre (landfill), other facilities (large quantities)

Wool scraps - red landfill bin


X-rays - Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm


Yoghurt containers - yellow recycle bin


Zip lock bags - REDcycle