A-Z recycling guide


If the item you require is not available from this list, please complete the following recycling question form  and we will respond to your enquiry shortly.


Acids and alkalis - detox your home  

Adapters (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Advertising material - yellow recycle binrequest a free no ad material sticker

Aerosol cans (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Aerosol cans (full) -  detox your home

Air conditioners (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Aluminium cans - yellow recycle bin

Aluminium foil - yellow recycle bin

Aluminium pots and saucepans (old) - yellow recycle bin  

Animal fur - red landfill bin, compost

Animal faeces/poo - red landfill bin, dog poo compost

Anti-freeze - detox your home   

Antibiotics - return to local pharmacy

Appliances - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Asbestos - other facilitiesadvice 

Ash (cold) - red landfill bin, compost 

Audio tapes and reels (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste


Bag ties - red landfill bin

Balloons -  red landfill bin

Bandaids - red landfill bin

Baskets cane (broken) - red landfill bin, hard waste

Baskets (usable) - charity

Batteries (car) - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Batteries (household e.g. AA) - Recycle & Recovery CentreEdendale Farm

Batteries (rechargeable e.g. AA) - Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm

BBQ -  Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste (for gas bottles see other facilities)

Bean bags - charity, red landfill bin

Beer bottle tops (metal) - can be placed loose in the yellow recycle bin  

Bicycles (broken) - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Books - charity, yellow recycle bin

Bones (from food scraps) - green organics bin, compost

Bones (whole animal, not from food scraps) - red landfill bin

Bottles (plastic or glass) - yellow recycle bin

Bottle tops/lids (plastic) -  red landfill bin

Bottle tops (metal) - can be placed loose in the yellow recycle bin

Boxes (cardboard) - yellow recycle bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Boxes (waxed cardboard) - red landfill bin

Branches (small) - green organics bin

Branches (large) - green organics binRecycle & Recovery Centre

Bread bag, plastic - REDcycle

Bread bag clip (plastic) - red landfill bin

Bricks and rubble - other facilities

Bubble wrap  - REDcycle

Building materials - other facilities

Butane cans (from camp stoves) - yellow recycle bin (cans must be empty)


Cake trays (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Candles - red landfill bin, charity

Cans - yellow recycle bin

Car (old) - Car take back Australia

Car batteries - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Car seats (child car seats and boosters) - charity (if less than 8 years old), hard wasteRecycle & Recovery Centre (landfill)

Carcasses (dead pets and animals) - red landfill bin, other facilities

Cardboard - yellow recycle bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cardboard (waxed) - red landfill bin

Carpet scraps - red landfill bin, hard waste

Carpet underlay - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste  

Cartridges (printer) -  Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cat poo and kitty litter - red landfill bin

Cassette tapes - charity or Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cassette tape cases - yellow recycle bin

CDs (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm (small quantities only)

CD cover (hard plastic with paper sleeve removed) - yellow recycle bin

CD/DVD drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Cellophane (from bunches of flowers, cut into A3 size pieces) - REDcycle

Ceramics (broken) - red landfill bin

Ceramics (intact) - charity

Cereal boxes - yellow recycle bin

Cereal box insert - REDcycle

Chemicals - detox your home    

Chewing gum - red landfill bin

Chip packet - REDcycle

Chip packet with silver foil lining - red landfill bin, Edendale Farm reception for recycling through REDcycle

Children's car seat -  charity (if less than 8 years old), hard wasteRecycle & Recovery Centre (landfill)

China (broken) - red landfill bin

China (intact) - charity

Christmas tree (fake) - red landfill bin, charity

Christmas tree (live) - green organics bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Cigarette butts - red landfill bin

Cigarette lighter (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Cigarette packet - red landfill bin

Clean fill - other facilities

Cling wrap -  REDcycle (GLAD brand only), red landfill bin (all other brands)

Clothing and shoes - charity, Recycle & Recovery Centre RecylingNearYou

Coat hangers (metal) - charity, yellow recycle bin

Coat hangers (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Coffee cups (plastic lined paper) - red landfill bin

Coffee cup lid (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Coffee jars - yellow recycle bin, charity

Coffee granules - green organics bin, compost

Coffee pods (plastic) - red landfill bin

Coffee pods (metal) - red landfill bin

Compact discs (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm

Compact disc case (rigid plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Computers (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Compostable cups (PLA plastic) - red landfill bin

Computer parts and peripheries (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Computer mice (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Computer monitors/screens (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Concrete - other facilities

Cooking oil (soaked in paper) - red landfill bin , compost

Cooking oil (poured into a container) - red landfill bin

Cooking oil (small amount) - compost

Cooking oil (large quantities) - other facilitiessearch for local businesses

Corks - red landfill bin, charity

Cosmetic jars (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Cotton - red landfill bin

Cotton wool buds - red landfill bin

Cups and saucers (intact) - charity

Cups and saucers (broken) - red landfill bin

Curtains (reusable) - charity

Curtains - red landfill bin

Cutlery (plastic) - red landfill bin

Cutlery (metal) - charity, yellow recycle bin


Detergent bottles (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Devices (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Dirt (commercial quantities) - other facilities

Disposable nappies - red landfill bin

Disk drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Dog poo - red landfill bin, dog poo compost

Doona and pillows - red landfill bin, hard waste, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Down lights (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Drink cans - yellow recycle bin

Drinking straws - red landfill bin

Drink bottles (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Dry cleaning bags - REDcycle

Dryer (hair) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Ducted heating units (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Ducting (flexible tubing from ducted heating) -  Recycle & Recovery Centre

Dummies (for babies) - red landfill bin 

DVDs - Edendale FarmRecycle & Recovery Centre , charity

DVD/CD drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste


Electrical appliances (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste, charity (if working)

Electrical cable (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Egg cartons - yellow recycle bin

Enamel pots/bowls - yellow recycle bin

Envelopes - yellow recycle bin

Eye glasses (broken) - red landfill bin

E-waste - e-wasteRecycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste


Fabric - charity, red landfill bin

Fax machines (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Fencing (timber) - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Fencing wire (including electric) - Recycle & Recovery Centre 

Fertiliser bag empty (plastic and woven polypropylene)  - REDcycle

Fibreglass - Recycle & Recovery Centre 

Film negatives - included in the x-ray recycling at Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm

Fire extinguisher - detox your home    

Floppy discs - Edendale Farm or Recycle & Recovery Centre for recycling

Floppy disc drives -  e-wasteRecycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Fluorescent tubes -  Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm

Foam boxes - red landfill bin, other facilities

Foam meat trays - red landfill bin

Foam underlay - Recycle & Recovery Centre, red landfill bin, hard waste

Foil - yellow recycle bin

Foil lined cartons - yellow recycle bin

Food cans - yellow recycle bin

Food pouches, yoghurt and baby food (soft plastic) - red landfill bin

Fruit and vegetable scraps - green organics bin, compost

Fridges - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Fuels - detox your home    

Furniture - charity, hard waste


Garden chemicals - detox your home    

Garden materials - green organics bin, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Gas bottles (empty BBQ bottles) - other facilities

Glad wrap  - REDcycle

Glass jars/bottles - yellow recycle bin

Glass (window pane) - hard waste

Glass (drinking cups and Pyrex) - red landfill bin (this type for glass is not recycled as it does not melt at the same temperature as bottles and jars)

Glass (other than jars/bottles) - red landfill bin, hard waste

Glass (broken picture frame) - red landfill bin

Gift cards (plastic wallet sized cards) -  red landfill bin

Golf balls - charity, red landfill bin

Grass clippings - green organics bin

Greeting cards paper (used) - yellow recycle bin


Hair pet or human (small quantities) - green organics bin, compost

Hair (large quantities) - red landfill bin

Hard drives (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Hard plastic - yellow recycle bin  

Hay bale twine (plastic and fabric) - red landfill bin

Headphones (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Helium tanks -  detox your home   

Highlighters and textas - red landfill bin

Hoses - red landfill bin, charity

Hot water bottles - red landfill bin

Hot water systems (broken) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Household chemicals - detox your home    

Hypodermic needles - return sharps container to local pharmacy


Ice cream containers (coated paper or plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Ice cream lids - yellow recycle bin

Icy pole sticks - red landfill bin

Ink cartridge - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Insulation (fibreglass, wool and cellulose) - there are no known local recycling markets.They are accepted at Hanson Wollert Landfill 

Insulation (polystyrene) - Recycle near youRecycle & Recovery Centreother facilities

iPads (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

IT cords and cables (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste


Jars - yellow recycle bin

Jar lids - yellow recycle bin

Juicer (electric) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Juice cartons - red landfill bin

Junk mail - yellow recycle bin, request a free no ad material sticker


Keyboards (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Kitchen sponges - red landfill bin

Kitty litter - red landfill bin


Laptops (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Lawnmower - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Leaves - green organics bin

Lids (metal) - can be placed loose in the yellow recycle bin   

Lids (plastic) - red landfill bin 

Light bulbs and tubes (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm

Linen - Sheridan for recycling, charity, red landfill bin

Lolly wrappers (plastic including foil lined plastic) - REDcycle  

Long life milk cartons - red landfill bin

Lunch boxes - yellow recycle bin


Magazines - yellow recycle bin

Manure (horse/cow) - compost

Margarine tubs - yellow recycle bin

Match boxes - yellow recycle bin

Mattresses - Recycle & Recovery Centre, hard waste

Meat scraps - green organics bin

Meat trays (foam) - red landfill bin

Meat trays (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Medicine - return to local pharmacy

Milk bottle (squashed down with lid placed on) -  yellow recycle bin

Milk bottle lids - place lid back on empty container after squeezing some air out and put in yellow recycle bin 

Milk cartons -  yellow recycle bin

Mirror glass (broken) - red landfill bin

Mobile phones (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Modems (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Monitors (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Motor oil - Recycle & Recovery Centre


Nappies (disposable) - red landfill bin

Nappies (compostable) - red landfill bin, compost

Needles (sewing) - red landfill bin

Needles (syringe) - return sharps container to local pharmacy

Netting bag for oranges/onions/garlic - REDcycle

Newspaper - yellow recycle bin

Noxious weeds - green organics bin

Nylon chopping boards - yellow recycle bin


Office paper - yellow recycle bin

Oil (used cooking oil) - See Cooking oil 

Oil (in sealed container) - red landfill bin

Oil (soaked in paper or rag) - red landfill bin

Oil motor - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Orange net bags - REDcycle

Ovens (old) - the metal is recycled through hard waste, or Recycle & Recovery Centre 


Packing tape, plastic - REDcycle

Paint tins (dry) - yellow recycle bin

Paint - other facilities, detox your home   

Paint stripper - detox your home   

Paintings on cardboard - yellow recycle bin

Pallet stretch wrap -  red landfill bin

Paper towel (used) - red landfill bin compost

Paper towel roll - yellow recycle bin

Pens and pencils - red landfill bin

Perfume bottle - red landfill bin

Perspex - charity, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Pet food tins - yellow recycle bin

Pet hair (small quantities) - green organics bin

Petrol - detox your home   

Pharmaceuticals - return to local pharmacy

Phone books - yellow recycle bin

Phone handsets (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Photographs - red landfill bin

Photo negatives - Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm  

Pottery (broken) - red landfill bin

Power supplies (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Picture frames - charity, red landfill bin

Pill packets - red landfill bin

Pillows and doonas - red landfill bin, hard waste, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Pills (medicine) - return to local pharmacy

Pizza boxes (no food inside) - yellow recycle bin

Placemats - charity, red landfill bin

Plant cuttings - green organics bin

Plant pots (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Plant pots (broken ceramic) - red landfill bin

Plastic (all hard plastics) - yellow recycle bin

Plastic, soft/flexible - REDcycle

Plastic air pillow protective packaging - REDcycle

Plastic bags - REDcycle

Plastic bag (single loose bag) - REDcycle

Plastic hay bale twine - red landfill bin

Plastic lids - place small lids back on empty container after squeezing some air out and put in yellow recycle bin   

Plastic packing tape -  red landfill bin

Plastic toys (broken) - yellow recycle bin

Plastic trays/baskets - yellow recycle bin

Plastic wrap - REDcycle

Plastic wrappers - REDcycle

Plaster - Recycle & Recovery Centreother facilities

Plate glass (wrapped) - red landfill bin, hard waste

Plush toys - charity , red landfill bin

Polystyrene - red landfill binRecycle & Recovery Centre (landfill option only), other recycling facilities (for recycling)

Pool acid containers (empty) - yellow recycle bin

Pool acid - detox your home   

Postal bags plastic - REDcycle

Postal bags (padded paper) - yellow recycle bin

Potting mix bags- REDcycle

Power cables (domestic) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Prams - charity (please check first)  St Kilda Mums drop off points

Printer/toner cartridges (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Printers (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Pyrex ovenware (broken) - red landfill bin

Pyrex ovenware (intact) - charity


Quilt covers - Sheridan for recycling, red landfill bin


Records (vinyl) - charity

Reusable green check out bags - REDcycle

Reusable check out bags (fabric) - charity, red landfill bin

Rope - red landfill bin, charity

Rubber - red landfill bin

Rubber gloves - red landfill bin


Sandpaper - red landfill bin

Sanitary items - red landfill bin

Satellite navigation systems (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Screw/nails - yellow recycle bin

Scanners (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Seedling containers - yellow recycle bin

Serviettes (paper) -  compost

Serviettes (cloth) - charity, red landfill bin

Shade cloth - charity, red landfill bin

Shampoo bottles - yellow recycle bin

Sheets (old/stained) - Sheridan for recycling, red landfill bin

Shredded paper - compostyellow recycle bin

Shoes - charity, red landfill bin

Silver foil - yellow recycle bin

Smoke alarms - detox your home   

Soft drink bottles - yellow recycle bin

Soft drink cans - yellow recycle bin

Soft toys - charity, red landfill bin

Soft plastic - REDcycle or red landfill bin

Speakers - e-wasteRecycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Spectacles - charity, red landfill bin

Steel cans - yellow recycle bin

Steel - yellow recycle bin

Straws -  red landfill bin

Stickers - red landfill bin

Sticky tape - red landfill bin

Strawberry punnets - yellow recycle bin

Styrofoam - red landfill bin, other facilities

Sweet wrappers - REDcycle

Syringes -  sharps containers can be returned to your local pharmacy


Tablets (electronic) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Tablets (medicine) -  return to local pharmacy

Take away containers (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Tarpaulins - red landfill bin, hard waste, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Tartaric acid (large quantities) -  detox your home

Tea bags - green organics bin, compost

Tea leaves - green organics bin, compost

Telephone books - yellow recycle bin

Tennis balls -  charity

Tennis racquets -  charity

Textas - red landfill bin

Tiles (broken) - red landfill bin

Tin cans - yellow recycle bin

Timber - Recycle & Recovery Centre

Tissues - yellow recycle bin

Tissue boxes -  yellow recycle bin

Toaster (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Toilet paper rolls - yellow recycle bin

Toner cartridges (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Toothbrushes - red landfill bin, Edendale Farm for recycling, Terracycle

Toothbrushes (electric) (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wasteEdendale Farm

Toothpaste tubes - red landfill binEdendale Farm for recycling, Terracycle

Toys - charity, red landfill bin

Toys (plastic) - yellow recycle bin

Towels (old/stained) - Sheridan for recycling, red landfill bin

Tree prunings - green organics bin

Tree/plant protector guards - red landfill bin

Twine (jute, cotton, fibre) - red landfill bin

Twine (plastic) - red landfill bin

TV (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste



Vacuum cleaner (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard wastecharity (if operational)

Vacuum cleaner dust bags - red landfill bin, compost

Vegetable scraps - green organics bin, compost

Video tapes (e-waste) - Recycle & Recovery Centrehard waste

Vinyl records - charity


Waxed cardboard - red landfill bin

Waxed paper - red landfill bin

Weeds - green organics bin

Wet wipes - red landfill bin

Windows (broken and wrapped in paper) - hard waste, red landfill bin

Window panes - charity, Recycle & Recovery Centre

Wine bladder (clear plastic) - REDcycle

Wine bladder (foil-based) - red landfill bin

Wine bottles - yellow recycle bin

Wine bottle screw tops - yellow recycle bin

Wine cask bag (foil based) - red landfill bin

Wine cask bag (clear plastic) - REDcycle

Wood (treated pine) - small quantities Recycle & Recovery Centre (landfill), other facilities (large quantities)

Wool scraps - red landfill bin


X-rays - Recycle & Recovery Centre, Edendale Farm


Yoghurt containers - yellow recycle bin


Zip lock bags - REDcycle