Report a bin that has not been emptied

Please leave the bin out for collection after lodging this request.

Your bin may not have been emptied because:

  • it contained incorrect items
  • it was not out by 6am on collection day
  • it was overfilled (bin lid must close completely) or too heavy (bin must not weigh more than 50kgs)
  • it was not at the agreed collection point
  • bins were too close together (they should be placed at least 50cm apart)
  • a car or something else was blocking the bin or road
  • it was picked up, but all the contents didn’t come out

Usually we place a sticker on your bin telling you why it was not collected. Or, if there is no sticker but one of the above reasons is likely, please fix the problem, report the missed bin, leave it out for collection, and we will come back and pick it up for you.

We do not service bins that do not belong to Nillumbik Shire Council or belong to a commercial property.

Once you’ve reported a missed bin and fixed the problem, it will be picked up within three business days. Where requests are made after 2.30pm, the following day will count as the first business day.

Report that your bin has not been emptied