Report a broken bin

Please put out the broken bin by 6am the following business day after lodging this request.

We repair or replace broken bins free of charge, which may include things like missing/broken lid, missing pins, broken handle, damaged bin body and missing wheel/axle.

Most repairs such as a lid or wheel can be done even if the bin is not empty. However, if the body of the bin is split/cracked or handle is broken, please report your broken bin immediately following your next collection so it's empty ready for us to replace.

We do not fix or replace bins that do not belong to Nillumbik Shire Council or belong to a commercial property. You will need to enter your property details so that we can validate your address. 

Once you’ve reported a broken bin, it will be repaired or replaced within three business days. Where a request is lodged after 2.30pm, the following day will count as the first business day.

Report a broken bin